Tripp Advice – Date Machine 2

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Techniques to transform yourself into a man who is naturally attractive to women


Tripp Advice – Date Machine 2  Tripp Advice – Date Machine 2 Tripp Advice     Date Machine 2

Tripp Advice – Date Machine 2

Check it out: Tripp Advice – Date Machine 2

“The Date Machine” is designed as a system for meeting and seducing beautiful women. It shows men how to establish high quality interactions with women to develop powerful and meaningful relationships. It also shows you how to be authentic and trigger the natural chemicals in a woman’s body to naturally meet and attract women.

The program helps you to figure out the core principles of attraction and apply them to your personality.

Some of the areas covered:

– How to send a woman’s attraction sensors into overdrive
– Hidden communication mechanisms to use in conversations
– Trigger massive biological attraction that women cannot resist
– How to avoid rejection and have women begging to sleep with you
– Mistakes men make when trying to meet, date, and sleep with high quality women

Bonus products include:

– What Women Want
– Rapid Sexual Escalation

Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

Module 1: Confidence & Understanding Attraction
– Three pillars of inner confidence to attract women
– Six methods to immediately start feeling more confident
– The 8 C’s of Attraction to become your most attractive self

Module 2: Eliminating Approach Anxiety
– How to destroy fear of rejection
– Six-step system to beating approach anxiety

Module 3: Style & Talking About Yourself
– How to make yourself stand out from other men
– The most important piece of fashion and how to wear it
– How to dress for maximum attraction during the day and night
– How to talk about yourself in an interesting way that builds attraction
– How to transform boring stories into interesting and engaging stories
– Techniques to transform yourself into a man who is naturally attractive to women

Module 4: Attractive Body Language
– How to hold eye contact
– Using your body to turn women on
– How to stand when talking to a woman
– Develop a power posture to boost your attraction
– Where to position your hands when talking to a woman

Module 5: How to Approach Women Anywhere
– How to approach a group of women
– How to know what to say when you approach
– How to transition from opener into conversation
– How to approach a woman during the day and at night

Module 6: The Conversation Roadmap
– Break out of “interview mode”
– How to talk to a group of women
– How to ask interesting questions
– The three principles of conversation
– Getting a quiet woman to talk to you
– How to keep the conversation flowing
– How to create an emotional connection
– How to use body language in conversation
– How to tell your stories, what to say, and be funny

Module 7: Transitioning to Flirting & Seduction
– How to flirt with a woman
– Push and pull strategies
– Female psychology of desire
– The four principles of seduction
– Transitioning into a seductive state
– How to show your intentions, and tease women
– How to compliment women with specific examples
– How to turn a woman on and make her feel sexual
– How to build instant intimacy and rapport with a woman
– The mistakes and how to avoid them when seducing a woman

Module 8: Sexual Touching Techniques
– The rules of touching
– Calibration techniques
– The seductive handshake
– Physical escalation examples
– Seducing a woman with body language
– The three phases of touching and escalation
– How and where to touch a woman on her body
– Recognizing when a woman likes you, or not
– Knowing when a woman is ready to be kissed and get sexual

Module 9: How to Ask a Woman Out
– Different types of closes
– The three principles of closing
– What makes getting her number easy
– The texting formula to get a woman to meet up
– Signs that show a woman is ready to be asked out
– What to text after getting her number, when to text, and when to call

Module 10: How to Build a Dating Relationship with a Woman
– Setting up a first date
– How to deal with flaking
– Where to take a woman on a date
– Touching and seducing on a first date
– Whether or not a woman is your perfect 10
– Texting between meeting her and the first date
– Organizing your apartment so women feel comfortable
– Delve into a woman’s psychology to build meaningful moments

Bonus Module: Lifestyle Hacking
– Attracting sexy older women
– How to attract hot women at work
– How to build the most attractive lifestyle
– Building a social circle to make meeting women easier
– NLP techniques for developing strong connections with people

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