Stefan Georgi – RMBC Method

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Walking-you-through multiple examples, in multiple niches, for each step…


Stefan Georgi - RMBC Method  Stefan Georgi – RMBC Method Stefan Georgi RMBC Method

Stefan Georgi – RMBC Method

Check it out: Stefan Georgi – RMBC Method

So these are the four steps:

Research, Mechanism, Brief and Copy.

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1. Research

Research is probably the #1 factor in whether or not your sales copy is effective or not. It’s also the most often overlooked. And this is true for both writers who are just started out, along with grizzled old vets.

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2. Mechanism

This part is surprisingly simple and yet insanely important. Understanding how the mechanism works can make or break any promo or offer you run.

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3. Brief

The brief is where we take our research and our mechanism and put it all together. By answering all of the questions in the brief, we’ll now have everything we need to start writing the copy.

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4. Copy

Here’s the part where we finally get to write our sales copy! And as you’re about to see, this whole process is going to be much less daunting thanks to the first three steps (RMB).

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Helps Me Write Home Run Offers!

“Stefan is not only one of the best few copywriters on the planet – producing more cold traffic “home runs” than anyone I know – he is BY FAR the fastest and most productive. That’s a testament to the power of his RMBC Method and how much it speeds up the process of writing winning copy.”

– Anthony Flores, Co-Author of Ultimate Desktop Copy Coach with Clayton Makepeace and Top Copywriter

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Allows Us To Beat Controls and Launch New Offers In A Fraction of The Time!

“As a business owner who writes most of our copy, I wear a lot of hats. Stefan’s RMBC Method has changed the game for us. It allows us to launch and refresh offers faster than I ever imagined possible. So I’m now able to focus way less time on writing copy, and more time growing the business as a whole.”

– Jay Deiboldt, Owner of Credit Secrets
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Now I Would Never Think Of Writing Copy Without Following This System!

“Before I found Stefan and his RMBC Method, writing copy was always a struggle. I always felt like I was missing something or that my sales argument was weak. The problem was that I wasn’t sure where. After learning The RMBC Method I never have that problem anymore. In fact, when I use the method from start to finish, my copy always converts. When I don’t, it doesn’t. It’s as simple as that. It’s also given me the ability to write faster, which means I can take on more clients and make more money. Bottom line, I would never think of writing any copy without following the RMBC format. It’s a game changer!”

– Randall Pruitt
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It’s Almost Embarrassing How Much I’ve Learned From Stefan

“Stefan Georgi dresses like an 85-year-old retired mob boss who lives on a golf course . . . AND he’s one of the best copywriters (and best copywriting TEACHERS) I’ve ever met. Honestly, I’m EMBARRASSED by how much I’ve learned from studying his stuff and voraciously consuming his daily emails (though I got the REALLY good stuff by getting him super drunk in Mexico and promising we could play laser tag together if he just gave up the goods.) Learn from him before he reads this testimonial and his head gets so big that he floats off into space to share his copywriting wisdom with a cold and desperate universe.”

– Chris “Mr. Moneyfingers” Haddad

The heart of the system is 10 powerful modules…

Inside The RMBC Method. You’re given my entire RMBC copywriting system In crystal-clear, step-by-step, detail.

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It’s a training program that’s LOADED with over-the-shoulder videos where I am:

  • Breaking down each step of RMBC in a logical, easy to understand way…
  • Walking-you-through multiple examples, in multiple niches, for each step…
  • Then actually doing each step in “real time” for you – that way you can watch the entire RMBC process from start-to-finish.

The RMBC Method also comes with SIX ridiculously valuable Bonus Modules:

I say “ridiculous” because each of these bonuses could easily be offered to the public independently for $1k+…

And yet I’ve decided to include them as bonuses inside The RMBC Method today.

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