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Crypto Capital approaches cryptocurrencies from a purely financial perspective


Stansberry Churchouse - Crypto Capital  Stansberry Churchouse – Crypto Capital Stansberry Churchouse Crypto Capital

Stansberry Churchouse – Crypto Capital

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Stansberry Churchouse is a partnership between two publishers of financial research, Truewealth Publishing and Churchouse Publishing. They are responsible for several publications, including Asia Wealth Investment Daily, International Capitalist, and the Churchouse Letter, but the focus of this article is the company’s newest publication, Crypto Capital.

Crypto Capital appears to be solely the work of Tama Churchouse, a former JP Morgan analyst and son of the Stansberry Churchouse’s namesake, Peter Churchouse. Crypto Capital is pitched in a lengthy video where Tama boasts of the extraordinary returns he’s made investing in cryptocurrency and claims to have access to a secretive group of investors who understand cryptocurrency trading more deeply than anyone else. The video’s tone is highly suspicious, the advice its author hints at is commonsense, and the price tag mentioned at the end is absurd.

The Stansberry Churchouse Company

Crypto Capital is the work of Tama Richard Churchouse, one of the three partners at the Stansberry Churchouse financial research firm. The company publishes several periodicals about finance and investment, as well as a variety of one-off special reports that they offer for free as promotional tools. Crypto Capital’s tone is considerably different from the company’s other publications; while Crypto Capital boasts of massive returns and effusively congratulates itself, the other periodicals seem to offer a greater degree of academic rigor.

All three partners at Stansberry Churchouse have decades of experience in finance, and have been personally successful as investors and advisors before beginning careers writing about the industry. All three men live in Asia, and much of their literature focuses on Asian markets. The company may have more employees than those listed on the website, but each periodical appears to be the work of solely these individuals.

Stansberry Churchouse is a subsidiary of Stansberry Research, which claims to be one of the world’s largest financial publishing companies and serve a half million subscribers in over 50 countries. Stansberry Research does indeed offer a wide variety of financial literature, with varying degrees of seriousness, but all their publications are considerably more transparent and affordable than Crypto Capital.

The Stansberry Churchouse Product

Crypto Capital is Tama Churchouse’s publication that contains his exclusive tips for trading cryptocurrency. His video pitching the publication goes on at length about how cryptocurrencies have skyrocketed in value throughout 2017 and will undoubtedly continue to in coming years, and he describes his personal success with a series of savvy investments. He was able to achieve this success, he claims, through his involvement with a highly secretive group of investors that he calls “the Bitcoin 1%.” This wealthy group includes the most successful cryptocurrency investors on earth, able to anticipate trends before they happen. However, members of “the Bitcoin 1%” publish nothing of their own, insist on remaining anonymous, and stubbornly shun all media attention. Churchouse goes so far as to claim that this group includes the creator of Bitcoin, known pseudonymously as Satoshi Nakamoto.

Crypto Capital approaches cryptocurrencies from a purely financial perspective, with no regard for their technological underpinnings. Churchouse’s pitch video explicitly states that he doesn’t care how cryptocurrencies work or what advantages they offer over fiat currency; he is interested only in their potential as a financial instrument.

A subscription to Crypto Capital costs $3000 for one year, though users are entitled to an extra year of his advice for free. (It’s not clear if this means subscribers receive additional material during their subscription, or afterwards.) Churchouse doesn’t even disclose precisely what sort of information the publication contains, aside from “the best opportunities in the cryptocurrency space.” He only hints that it offers the exclusive advice he hears from his associates in “the Bitcoin 1%.”

Churchouse’s lengthy video (nearly ten minutes) repeatedly references his secret investment strategy and works to build curiosity about it, only to reveal that the secret is to essentially day trade cryptocurrencies rather than holding on to them as long-term investments. He also suggests that while all investors should buy Bitcoins due to their projected long-term potential, they should also explore lesser-known cryptocurrencies, since these have seen the most significant spikes in value. Advice of this depth is readily available for free, so it’s not clear why Churchouse believes his is worth $3000 a year.

The Stansberry Churchouse Opportunity To Make Real Bitcoin Profits

Crypto Capital offers subscribers what is claims are exclusive insights into trends about cryptocurrency trading, learned through its author’s access to a secretive group. Even if the publication’s sole author, Tama Churchouse, has access to such exclusive and lucrative knowledge, it’s not clear why he’d pitch it to investors in such an odd and circuitous fashion. It also seems impossible that the intensely private group Churchouse describes, “the Bitcoin 1%,” would appreciate him publishing the investment insights that they discuss in confidence.

Cryptocurrency trading is indeed lucrative at the moment, and the returns Churchouse discusses in the video are possible, but investors need more level-headed advice. It’s also alarming that Churchouse completely abstracts away the technology behind the cryptocurrencies he’s so enthusiastic about; what sort of investor doesn’t care to learn about where their money is going?

The Stansberry Churchouse Verdict

Churchouse’s claims of exclusive insights are almost certainly too good to be true, and his pitch video contains textbook warning signs of a scam: he boasts about enormous returns, claims to have access to a secret but enormously powerful group whose advice can only be learned through the product, never mentions the risks associated with investing, offers anonymous testimonials, and asserts that he’s “practically giving it away” for its price. In a video full of bizarre and obtuse claims, Churchouse’s intimation that he personally knows Satoshi Nakamoto stands out as the most ludicrous. Furthermore, Churchouse’s stated disinterest in the technology powering cryptocurrencies suggests an alarming lack of intellectual curiosity; investors should be wary of financial advisors who don’t make an effort to thoroughly understand where they’re putting their money.

There are undoubtedly plenty of financial advisors and publications that offer serious insight about cryptocurrency trading, but Crypto Capital is almost certainly not one of them; investors should steer clear of Crypto Capital unless it becomes significantly more transparent and offers hard proof of its success.

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