Ryan Hall – Modern Half Guard

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Gain heightened awareness of when to look for submissions or positional dominance


Ryan Hall - Modern Half Guard  Ryan Hall – Modern Half Guard Ryan Hall Modern Half Guard

Ryan Hall – Modern Half Guard

Check it out: Ryan Hall – Modern Half Guard

Take your half guard game to the next level alongside UFC and grappling standout, Ryan Hall!

Learn to understand Ryan Hall’s key conceptual framework and build a dominant half guard for nogi, gi and mixed martial arts

Ryan Hall’s half guard course offers the tools you’ll need to rapidly elevate your game and develop an understanding of the vital conceptual framework needed to sweep, submit and stay safe when fighting from your back

Learn how to build your frame
Gain an understanding of the concepts behind ALL your defensive and progressive moments

Refine key sweeps & submissions
Gain heightened awareness of when to look for submissions or positional dominance

Keep your opponent on the defensive
Give yourself the chance to attack by mastering the art of off-balancing and proper structure

Course Curriculum


My Thoughts On The Modern Half Guard

The Course Structure Explained


Conceptual Underpinning

The Purpose Of Your Guard

Stance For Jiu Jitsu



Removing Your Opponent From The Floor

Open Vs Closed Half Guard

Side Versus Back

Guard Resource Utilization

Use Of Limbs For Blocking, Attacking & Mobility

Pressure As A Catalyst

Body Positioning

Body Positioning

Contact Points For Your Guard

Examples Of Different Frames

The Value of Being On Your Side

Building To The Underhook

The Attributes Of The Underhook

The Shell Position

The Shell Position

Why We Use The Shell & Its Value

Using Your Shell Guard

Managing The Shell

The Shell and The Guillotine

Control Consequences

The Distance Shell

Building To Seated Guard

Shell Techniques

Underhook From The Shell

The Arm Drag

The Omoplata

The Shaolin Sweep

The Shell To Sliding Footlock Position

Twist Sweep (Luke Stewart)

Platform Armlock

The Deep Half Guard

Why Deep Half Guard Exists

Expansion Vs Contraction

How The Deep Half Leg Leaver Works

Deep Half Techniques

Leg Lever Out The Back

Head On Chest Single Leg

Backside Crack Down

Front Side Crack Down

Double Leg Off The Crackdown

Deep Half To Backside 50/50

Backside 50/50 From Deep Half Crab Ride

Threats To The Half Guard

Punches, Underhooks, Crossfaces

Various Passes

The Kimura

Marcelo Garcia Deep Half Killer Threat

Leg Attacks

Deep Half Entries

Hip Shovel (Felipe Costa)

Scissor Entry (Jeff Glover)

Shin To Shin

Inside Spin

Hook Sweep


Hook Sweep To Inside Spin

Inside Spin To Hook Sweep

Guard To Guard Transitions

Shin To Shin To Deep Half

One Leg X To Deep Half Part 1

Deep Half To One Leg X

One Leg X To Deep Half Part 2


The Crab Ride 1

Crab Ride 2

Smashed Half Guard

The Crotch Lock

Reverse Half Guard

The Waiter Position

Understanding the Waiter Position

Avoiding Strikes

Waiter Sweep To 50/50

Waiter Position Techniques

Standard Waiter Sweep

Mackenzie 1

Mackenzie 2

Dealing With The Heel Hook

Ninja Roll

Lucas Leite Half Guard

The Leite Position

Lucas Leite To The Back

The Jedi Mind Trick

Leite to Deep Half

BONUS: Disrespectful Transitions

Disrespectful Gogoplata


The Karen

The Doc Holiday

Random Thoughts

Build A Drilling Partner

Niche Vs Game


Inside de la Riva

What and Why of Inside DLR


Closing Thoughts

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