Pristine 7 CD Pristine Method Home Study Trading Course

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and grab even larger profits. It’s a great hedging tool – and the perfect strategy for updating longer-term portions of your portfolio like IRAs and 401ks.Digital Download for Pristine 7 CD Pristine Method Home Study Trading Course from TheVipCourse


Pristine 7 CD Pristine Method Home Study Trading Course

Pristine 7 CD Pristine Method Home Study Trading Course

Check it out: Pristine 7 CD Pristine Method Home Study Trading Course

Oliver Velez – Core Trading Tactics

Follow along as Oliver shows you how to monitor weekly charts, so you can hold positions for weeks or months, and grab even larger profits. It’s a great hedging tool – and the perfect strategy for updating longer-term portions of your portfolio like IRAs and 401ks.

Plus – learn first-hand ….

– What it takes to succeed

– How to precisely time entry & exit points

– Methods for using Candle Charts for maximum success

The Pristine Buy & Sell zones- and much more.

This first-of-its kind, comprehensive workshop covers …

– How Core Trading differs from investing – and tools needed to be a

successful Core Trader

– Using weekly charts to profit from major moves

– Specific guidelines to precisely time entries and exits

– Counting your way to profits, using red & green Candlestick bars

– How to find the Buy & Sell Zones – and much more.

Pristine – Oliver Velez – Swing Trading Tactics 2001

Run time: 92 minutes. Here’s one of the very first video presentations on Swing Trading available today. and The Pristine Day Trader’s founder, Oliver Velez, packed the halls at the recent International Online Trading Expo and set new attendance records. Now, you can view this incredible presentation-accompanied by an online companion manual-giving you all the information on taking swing trading to new levels of trading success. You’ll find the proprietary techniques the Pristine staff have refined over the years-presented in the most easy to understand way. These concepts form the corner stone of every sound trading strategy and, once mastered, traders will rarely find themselves on the wrong side of the markets.

Viewers will find:

An introduction to swing trading basics and benefits
How to spot opportunities using successful swing trading criteria
Key set-ups and using moving averages
Reading charts successfully-especially Japanese Candle Sticks

Plus – get a free fully online companion guide that can be viewed or printed to have on hand as you’re watching the video.

Oliver Velez, co-founder of and current CEO of Velez Capital Management, is renowned for his effective trading skills and specialized knowledge in technical analysis. His educational seminars are sought after by traders and often attended multiple times to extract every piece of wisdom from his presentations. Now, one of his most legendary sessions jumps from the live stage into your hands in this interactive course book of Velez’s famed Swing Trading techniques. With detailed text and a vivid online video, you’ll explore and master a highly profitable niche that exploits the two- to five-day holding period—a method too brief for large institutions, too lengthy for day traders, yet perfectly suited for individual investors with a mind towards success. In this captivating, high-energy style, Velez shows you how to:

Spot opportunities using proven swing trading criteria;
Define periods of market uncertainty and make the right moves;
Read charts successfully, especially Japanese Candlesticks;
Win by going against conventional trading wisdom;
Understand ad profit from understanding market psychology.

Only in this multimedia course combination will you be a able to fully absorb the wealth of material that Oliver Velez is set up to offer. The easy-to-understand definitions and eye-opening self-tests bring the information to you and the power to your trades. Don’t end up on the wrong side of the market. Swing Trading is the perfect tool for the investor who wants to understand the forces that shape the trading arena. Now you can use this course to rise above the impulse of novice traders. It’s the best way to master the cycles and win consistent profits.

Pristine Seminar – Guerrilla Trading Tactics with Oliver Velez

Oliver Velez – Guerrilla Trading Tactics

Even veteran market professionals admit that today’s investment arena is more confusing than ever before. Market trends, if they develop at all, tend to be short-lived, and fundamental valuations are frequently invalid. So what can you do to succeed in such a chaotic financial environment?

Adopt a “guerrilla” style of trading. Forget long-term thinking. Abandon buy-and-hold strategies. Instead, hit the market with quick, profit-grabbing attacks. Relying on time-tested technical trading patterns for entry and exit cues, Oliver Velez shows how to raid the markets for consistent short-term profits using “guerilla” tactics that boast historic success rates of 80% or more – and now he shares these winning market moves with you.

Don’t keep making the same old mistakes with the same old techniques. Join Oliver Velez today and learn …

How to handle a market without a recognizable trend.
13 best tactics in the guerrilla trader’s arsenal.
2 key strategy approaches: trading to build wealth or trading for income.
Special tactics for playing excess volatility – and for stable markets.
Micro trading, the elements of swing trading, candlestick charts, bullish and bearish chart patterns – and more!

Pristine Seminar – Micro Trading Tactics with Oliver Velez

This groundbreaking course presents powerful methods for mastering the art of micro train with maximum precision.
Course Length: 3:00

World renowned professional trader, Oliver L. Velez, co-founder and CEO of Pristine and co-author of Tools & Tactics for the Master Day Trader, show you how he approaches the equity markets through powerful Micro Trading Tactics using the acclaimed Pristine Method™. Micro traders focus on intra-day opportunities in 5- or 15-minute charts, attempting to take frequent, bite-sized profits out of the market on a daily basis. This income producing approach to the market can be potentially very rewarding when executed with the skill and training necessary to manage such active movements in and out of the market. Explaining with clear, illuminating examples, Mr. Velez reveals how he applies a dynamic discipline to the proper entry, management, and exit of these positions. Find out why Oliver Velez and Pristine’s entire curriculum have been ranked by Stocks & Commodities readers as the #1 trainer for active trader in America.

This groundbreaking course presents powerful methods for mastering the art of micro train with maximum precision. Topics covered include:

How to use 5- and 15-minute charts to pinpoint multiple trading opportunities each day;

How to increase your odds of micro trading success using Pristine’s nine powerful Reversal Times; and

How to trade and exploit opening gaps and late-day breakouts for increased profits.

You will also learn strategies to help you turn winning micro trades into bigger wealth-building opportunities, as well as how to use Pristine’s 5- and 30-minute Buy and Sell Rules and other powerful strategies.

Pristine Seminar – Options Trading the Pristine Way

Options Trading The Pristine Way discusses practical trading strategies for all types of trading, whether for speculation, hedging, or premium generation.

Options players need clear and concise, easy-to-use strategies to determine approximate entry and exit points, targets for profitability, and proper money management to achieve above average returns from options.

This course provides exactly such tools and tactics. With this presentation, you will learn how Pristine applies the appropriate option strategy after a careful analysis of the equity using The Pristine Method™ and Japanese candlestick charting techniques. Strategies include: The language of Options, Identifying Market Turns, Option Selection and more.

The fundamentals and language of options

Pristine’s use of options to hedge, speculate and generate income on swing and core trades

“Five Bar Rule” for anticipating market turns

How to select the most appropriate option strategy, strike price, and expiration month

When to be a buyer or seller of Calls and Puts, including spreads

Risk considerations, including use of contingent stop loss orders

Pristine – Insights into Direct Access & Level II Trading

Whether you are new to the financial markets, or only make infrequent trades, this Pristine introduction to active trading and investing is an important first step in the journey toward self-empowerment. Professional Trader Greg Capra, co-author of Tools & Tactics for the Master Day Trader and President of identifies the benefits and risks of trading and investing and answers the simple but important question, “How do I begin?” Greg provides a strong foundation for your future investment decisions. He guides you through key core concepts for short- and long-term trading and how to take advantage of these concepts through Direct Access to the markets. You’ll also learn the foundation of our unique approach to the markets, “The Pristine Method”. Finally, Greg provides a clear understanding of the differences in fundamental and technical analysis. Once you’ve completed this course, you will have the necessary knowledge needed to move on to the next level

Pristine – Greg Capra – Intraday Trading Techniques

Intra-Day Trading Techniques with Greg Capra

The methods outlined by Greg Capra can be used to pinpoint higher probability opportunities in the market.

Intra-day trading is more popular than ever and, with the new tools available to online traders, the methods outlined by’s President and Co-founder Greg Capra can be used to pinpoint higher probability opportunities in the market. Greg’s advanced session is a real eye opener for the beginning or intermediate trader, while the seasoned pro will find Greg’s approach to intra-day trading both powerful and effective. Based on years of experience, Greg reveals key concepts including:

– How signals from the Tick, Trin and Futures can be used to improve entry and exit points

– Working with candlestick charts in 5- and 15-minute patterns to exploit intra-day opportunities

– Candlestick bottoming and topping formations that often foretell the next move in market direction

– How volume patterns associated with candlestick formations can be used to identify key buy and sell entry points

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