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Right from the start, this became a magic formula with extraordinary results


Phil Pustejovsky - Freedom Mentor  Phil Pustejovsky – Freedom Mentor Phil Pustejovsky Freedom Mentor

Phil Pustejovsky – Freedom Mentor

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Phil Pustejovsky is a financially free real estate investor, mentor and coach to many of the most successful real estate professionals in North America, best selling author and has the most popular real estate YouTube channel with more than 23 million views. Having been a part of over 3,000 deals, Pustejovsky has been recognized as one of the leading real estate investing authorities in the world and has been featured in Huffington Post, Inc, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance and Entrepreneur. His mission to provide the most complete, accurate and unbiased real estate investing information, education and training materials, the latest cutting edge tools and strategies and the very best coaching and mentoring services available has changed the lives of thousands.

Here’s a Phil Pustejovsky Bio for you…Starting from very humble beginnings, homeless and living out of his truck, Phil rose to top of the real estate investing world by following the guidance of a mentor. The name of his company, “Freedom Mentor,” describes the essence of what Phil Pustejovsky is all about. He considers having a mentor to be the secret to success in any endeavor and truly believes that every real estate entrepreneur has the ability to become financially free given the right mentoring relationship. Hence the name Freedom Mentor.

After becoming a very successful real estate investor himself, Phil wanted to duplicate his efforts by sharing with others exactly how to make money in real estate.  In return, his students would then agree to split the profits on their first several deals with him.  This would create mutually aligned interests for both him and the people he mentored.  When his mentee was successful and closed a deal, Phil as the mentor would then be rewarded for a job well done.

Right from the start, this became a magic formula with extraordinary results. Some of the success stories he has created have become the stuff of legend.  People from all walks of life; housewives, military men and women, corporate executives, unemployed, disabled retirees, and so many others, have seen the power of his unique profit sharing formula. Prepare to be inspired after reviewing the success stories of people who have had Phil and his team as their mentor.

Some of Phil Pustejovsky’s most successful Apprentices have even gone on to become coaches and mentors in their own right. Phil built a team of coaches and mentors that he personally trained and groomed who are among the finest real estate minds anywhere. This has allowed him to mentor a larger group of people to financial freedom.  And as always, his team’s interests are also aligned with the mentees. Freedom Mentor was created to help guide others to financial freedom through the power of real estate. Today it is recognized as the greatest real estate investing mentoring organization in history.

Phil Pustejovsky has also arranged a collection of his best video trainings into a course that can help you get started with real estate investing, called Creative Real Estate Investing & Flipping Houses Free Course. It’s the best free course you’ll ever take on real estate investing.

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