Mike Bidwell – The BoneBreaker by

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Featuring over 4 hours of the most progressive and creative grappling submissions ever seen.


Mike Bidwell - The BoneBreaker by  Mike Bidwell – The BoneBreaker by Mike Bidwell The BoneBreaker by

Mike Bidwell – The BoneBreaker by

Check it out: Mike Bidwell – The BoneBreaker by

The Ultimate Joint-Attack System!

Welcome to the BoneBreaker Instructional – No Limbs left Behind! 

The phenomenal new submission system created and conceived through the eyes of BJJ black belt and BJJAfter40 founder Mike “Spider Ninja” Bidwell.

Featuring over 4 hours of the most progressive and creative grappling submissions ever seen.

This video series is a companion piece to the HeadHunter Choking system. While Headhunter is a complete strangulation system, BoneBreaker dives deep into the world of joint-locks and limb-manipulations

You’re going to ‘lose your mind’ on the wrist locks alone! 

  • Featuring world-class, detailed instruction with multiple angles and close ups to make you feel like you’re right in the action!
  • We tackle everything in this video filled with tons of never before seen wrist locks, high percentage arm and leg attacks and more!
  • Each body part we cover comes with a review video that works as the perfect study tool for when you’re ‘on the go’ and you want to hit some mental reps! It’s conveniently available as a DVD set or digital download that can be viewed anywhere!
  • Tons of Gi & No Gi moves – almost everything is translatable to submission grappling and BJJ
  • Enjoy clear, concise easy-to-follow instruction – Perfect for all levels. Includes the fundamentals of each attack plus advanced set-ups and details.

The BoneBreaker Instructional Chapters:

Chapter 1 – Welcome to the BoneBreaker / BoneBreaker Teaser
Chapter 2 – Americana Foundations
Chapter 3 – Americana Side Control set up
Chapter 4 – Bicep Slicer from americana
Chapter 5 – Bicep Slicer from kimura
Chapter 6 – Bicep Slicer handcuff series
Chapter 7 – Ude Garami basics & counters
Chapter 8 – Ude Garami from north south
Chapter 9 – Kimura from mount
Chapter 10 – Modified Ude Garami from guard
Chapter 11 – Modified Ude Garami from mount
Chapter 12 – Juji Gatami (cross arm lock) from mount
Chapter 13 – Juji Gatami from Guard with counters
Chapter 14 – Side Control Arm Bar series (2 parts)
Chapter 15 – Twisted Sister Arm Bar
Chapter 16 – When Turtles Attack!
Chapter 17 – Turtle Review sequence
Chapter 18 – Omoplata framework
Chapter 19 – Omoplata from Mount
Chapter 20 – Omoplata Variations from guard
Chapter 21 – Omoplata Full Review sequence
Chapter 22 – Tekubi Waza (wrist) & side control attacks!
Chapter 23 – Tekubi Waza (wrist) Attacks from mount
Chapter 24 – Tekubi Waza (wrist) Attacks from the back
Chapter 25 – Tekubi Waza (wrist) Attacks from the arm bar
Chapter 26 – Tekubi Waza (wrist) Attacks from kimura
Chapter 27 – Tekubi Waza (wrist) Attacks while mounted
Chapter 28 – Tekubi Waza (wrist) Attacks from within the guard
Chapter 29 – Ezekiel wrist lock counter
Chapter 30 – Wrist Bliss! Full Tekubi Waza review sequence
Chapter 31 – Ashi-Garami (leg) Guard Foundations
Chapter 32 – Imanari & Open Guard Leg attacks!
Chapter 33 – Calf Slicer from the half guard
Chapter 34 – Ashi-Garami (leg) full review sequence

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