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It may seem like magic, or crazy, or a miracle, but it does indeed work this way.


Matt Cook - Advanced ED Cure  Matt Cook – Advanced ED Cure Matt Cook Advanced ED Cure

Matt Cook – Advanced ED Cure

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This article is exclusively for men who are on medication for chronic health problems (including one or more: more than 50 pounds overweight, diabetes, heart problems, prostate problems, blood pressure, and others). It shows you how to fix ED, even longstanding ED, while also fixing these serious health problems that go along with ED

What is health-related ED?

Health-related ED, is erectile dysfunction in the presence of chronic health conditions.

It’s long been known  that chronic health conditions often go along with erectile dysfunction. As you’ll see in this article, there is a reason for that. And a way to fix it fast, without crazy diets, or fistfuls of medication, or unnecessary surgery.

How do you know you have health-related erectile dysfunction?

First, ask yourself this:

Do you take medicine for high blood pressure, or prostate problems, or diabetes, or heart problems?

Are you more than 50 pounds overweight?

Then, ask yourself this:

Do you suffer from erectile dysfunction?

If the answer is “yes” to both questions, then you have health-related ED.

And the rest of this article will be of great help to you.

Does this apply to you? Should you read this entire article carefully?

If you have ED, but you are not on multiple medications to treat a chronic health condition, then you do not need to worry about health-related ED.

For men have health-related ED, the causes and cures will be spelled out in this article.

Why is health-related ED different from regular ED?

Over the last three years, I’ve worked with over 21,262 men, helping them get rid of their erectile dysfunction.

I’ve been helping guys with ED that results in four problems:

  • Coming to fast
  • Not being hard on all
  • Not staying hard long enough
  • Not being able to come

All these problems are typically caused by desensitization.

In fact desensitization plays a part in all erectile dysfunction from man.

But what I found, is that men with health-related ED need to fix their health issues in order to fix their ED.

So it looks like this, if you have health-related ED:

First, fix the cause of health-related ED

Then, you fix the desensitization that is related to ED…

And now, the ED goes away.

As I like to put it,

“Fix the cause, Fix the cock”.

Plus, as a huge bonus (that makes it ALL worthwhile, your blood pressure falls normal levels, your prostate inflammation gets better, heart conditions tend to disappear, and you can talk with your doctor to reduce or even eliminate medications you have been on.

It may seem like magic, or crazy, or a miracle, but it does indeed work this way.

Because, what I found is, that all these health issues have a common cause.

All the health issues that men have often involve high blood pressure, prostate problems, heart problems, diabetes…

…and erectile dysfunction.

You may have only two of these, or you may have all of them.

So why do men have these problems together? What’s the relationship between prostate problems, heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, and erectile dysfunction?

The reason these problems all go together is, they all have the same cause.

What is the cause of all these male health problems?

The causes been established for a number of years now. The cause is inflammation of the cells in the body.

It starts in the gut.. The gut is like a sewer. It’s supposed to hold all the bad stuff in the gut. And you’re supposed to excrete it out.

But sometimes the gut gets inflamed. It’s like a sewer that has holes in it.

You know, “leaky gut.”

And now the bad stuff–bacteria, toxins, viruses– pour through the gaps in the gut and attack all the cells in the the rest of the body…

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