Mario Delgado – The No Gi Formula

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Mario Is A Masters Competitor Who Regularly Smashes Guys Way Younger, And Here Is How


Mario Delgado - The No Gi Formula  Mario Delgado – The No Gi Formula Mario Delgado The No Gi Formula

Mario Delgado – The No Gi Formula

Check it out: Mario Delgado – The No Gi Formula

Mario Delgado is one of a Renzo Gracie Black Belt and successful Masters Competitor

  • Mario is here to teach you how to make No Gi easier than you ever imagined
  • Frustrate and destroy all of your No Gi competition
  • Simplify and slow down the game
  • Hold back even the most explosive grapplers
  • Learn from a true Masters competitor

Don’t Let No-Gi Be A Young Man’s Game Anymore!

3-Volume Instructional Set From ADCC Veteran And UFC Español Analyst Mario Delgado – “The Joe Rogan of Latin America”

Shows A Brand New & Dynamic & No-Gi Game Soecifically Designed For Masters

(You Get Both The English & Spanish Versions)

People who train a lot between gi and no-gi all tend to agree, no-gi just tends to be a little more slippery, fast, and athletic. Unfortunately, while that can be fun, that would seem to limit it to the young and dynamic fighters on the mat, and most masters competitors can get a little nervous taking the gi off. What if they can’t keep up?

What if they face someone faster, or stronger, and they can’t slow them down using some strategy around the grips? These are problems, if you don’t know how to manage them, but we are here now to put an end to all of that. Now, you can watch and learn as Renzo Gracie black belt and UFC Espanol analyst Mario Delgado shows you everything you need to know to use your experience to your advantage and stay one step ahead of your partners in a young man’s game.

Everyone who takes a class eventually learns the hard way that Brazilian jiu-jitsu is hard on the body, especially if you are passionate about it and want to do it as much as possible. Sparring, working new positions, using your muscles in ways you never used to, it can all lead to some soreness, stiffness, and even injury if you aren’t careful and as you get older, you have to be more careful. You have to think about what moves are going to take you the furthest, and be sharp in your execution. Going in without a game plan might be fun for the teen and adult competitors, but to get the most out of your training you need to have a system or plan you can work with and works with you.

That’s where Mario, and his years of experience as a competitor and instructor, comes in, ready to pass on the knowledge he has as the Gracie family’s first ever Mexican black belt and the head instructor at Renzo Gracie Mexico. Over three volumes, he will lead you through the passes, sweeps, and submissions that you need to keep evolving, even as you balance life on and off the mat.

Plenty of us come to BJJ a little later in life, eager to learn but not always sure what the next steps are. For anyone who is ready to take that next step in testing their game, and is ready to go try a competition, this is the perfect instructional set, complete with dynamic attacks from the feet, and a serious look into the ways that Mario prepares himself and his athletes for serious tournaments. Mario is deliberate in taking you along the process, from the feet, to the mat, to any position you might find yourself in without an answer.

This isn’t just one position or one move broken down in serious detail, this is a full service system that you can use to evolve your ground game into something tailor made to keep you in control.

So What’s On This Series?

Mario Is A Masters Competitor Who Regularly Smashes Guys Way Younger, And Here Is How

One of the things that Mario really emphasizes over the course of this set is the submission: he’s got a style that is made around getting that tap, not sitting back and trying to count phantom points. He wants to finish the fight, get the submission, and keep rolling to the next challenge. He’s able to threaten from everywhere, and over this instructional set, you will see how he approaches every position, how he puts himself in position to always be attacking submission threats, and how he is able to regularly close the show. If you want to greatly increase your submission percentages, this is perfect for you.

Instead of worrying how to keep up with someone younger, stronger, or more dynamic, watch and see those sneaky details that go into controlling and dictating the action, even without a gi to grip on to. With just some simple adjustments, Mario can take you from the guy huffing and puffing while doing your best to scramble around, to being the person who is making your opponent do the hard work, always with the knowledge you can control and progress to an even better spot. It’s not magic, it’s just technique, and Mario does a great job of laying out just what to do.

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