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Endgame is just that, the end. It is a summary and reminder of what you have learned and what to keep in mind.


Kyle Trouble - The Harem Handbook  Kyle Trouble – The Harem Handbook Kyle Trouble The Harem Handbook

Kyle Trouble – The Harem Handbook

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Kyle Trouble is the author of the blog This is Trouble and The Harem Handbook is a online comprehensive program for man who wants to establish a harem. A harem is a basically a rotation of girls that you can call over to bang at any time. Pretty great, right? Harems are great but they require some fundamental skills to make sure you don’t end screwing the whole thing up. Harems require management. Without management they are hard to keep for a long amount of time without drama. The Harem Handbook teaches you how to keep a solid rotation, keep the girls from getting too clingy, and building a harem if you don’t have one, and much more. The Harem Handbook is one your one stop guide to building the harem of your dreams.

The program is broken down into six modules which are for the most part further broken down into smaller units followed by a take action unit. The modules are Module 1 – Defining A Harem, Module 2 – Finding The Girls, Module 3 – The Balancing Act, Module 4 – Running The Harem, Module 5 – Now She Wants You, and finally Module 6 – Endgame.

Defining A Harem

The defining a harem module is broken down into tiers of girls. The tiers essentially represent the quality of the girls. So a tier three girl would be a girl who the only thing you do with her and the only thing you want to do with her is have sex with her whereas a tier one girl might be a girl who you may end up dating.

Kyle covers some very important basics in the beginning. For example Kyle talks about how you have to do a good job of keeping tier three (among other) girls at arms length because they will want to get close to you. You may think there isn’t anything wrong with cuddling with a girl for a hour after sex but she will get the wrong idea if all you want her for is as a fuck buddy. You must be congruent with your message. You can’t get too close to the tier three girls in your harem.

Another thing Kyle talks about is how women don’t really mind sharing a man as far sex goes but are more concerned with sharing a man emotionally. So while a guy could care less if his girl and another man connect he would be infuriated if that guy put his dick in her. While women are less concerned with their man having sex with another women than they are their man having a deep connection with another woman.

Finding The Girls

This section talks about different ways to bring girls into your harem. Kyle suggests three methods for doing this and describes the pros and cons of each. The three methods are day game, night game, and online game. Each method has its ups and downs and some are better for building a harem than others. For example night game is a prime time but you risk picking up sluts. Whereas day game the quality of girls may go up but it may be harder getting them into the type of relationship you want. While online dating can be a wildcard.

Online dating is something that Kyle knows a lot about and has even written a book about. Of the three sections this one is one of the most detailed modules. Kyle talks about the importance of using templates for online dating and how convenient it can be because if you have a phone you can access it anywhere. You can finally use your cubicle time for something productive other than rotting away for some ass who could care less about you.

The Balancing Act

Balance is an essential part of maintaining a steady well functioning harem. One of my favorite parts of the course was when Kyle compared having a harem with having passive income. I’m not going to go too in depth but harems are something that while may take more work than a one night stand in the beginning are worth it over the long haul. They end up saving you time and money, not to mention they are efficient.

Kyle talks about the importance of constantly getting new leads to add to your harem and how having overall life balance is important. One thing Kyle repeats again and again is that you should be efficient and seeing as how your time is your most valuable asset, I have to agree with him. We are all given a limited time on this earth, no one wants to waste it in pursuits that go nowhere. Kyle shows how to prevent this from happening.

Running The Harem

In the running the harem section Kyle goes into the sex with a girl. You need to ensure that you are giving the woman good sex. And the way to do that is to completely dominate the woman in the bedroom. She should submit to you completely and without reservation. This is paramount in your relations with women, whether building a harem or doing anything else. You must dominate a woman sexually. I dedicated a whole chapter to this in The Primer and for good reason.

After you have given the women great sex Kyle states

“Really, the method is simple: once she’s had sex with you, have sex with her a few more times in the next couple of weeks. Once she’s had sex with you three different times (i.e. three sessions on the first night doesn’t count), you can rest assured that she is usually into you enough that she won’t just fall off the map. This is when you start setting things up to what tier of the harem you want her in.”

Give the girl a trial period to see where she will end up. Understand who this girl is don’t just shoot her up to tier one because shes pretty and good in bed. You must actually know who this girl is. As girls have a knack for hiding their true selves especially in the beginning of a “relationship”.

Now She Wants You

The fifth section is devoted to the rest of harem management. The first unit is “Where is this going?” a question that a girl will inevitably ask. Kyle does not promote lying to women but being straightforward with them in an intelligent manner. One key thing Kyle says is that you shouldn’t be let down if a girl decides she wants to go. Let her, don’t pursue there are plenty of other women.You shouldn’t force a girl into something she isn’t comfortable with against her will but you shouldn’t ever back down from what you want either.

Kyle talks about how eventually you may want to bring up one girl that you want her as your main girl. Kyle shows you how to do this while also being able to maintain your harem but being honest about it. Like stated before girls don’t mind sharing a man sexually as much as they do emotionally. So as a man you may think “That’s insane no woman would be my girlfriend if I told her I was going to keep sleeping with other women”, this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you are a high value man women won’t mind sharing you. As Rollo Tomassi says women would rather share a high value winner than have complete commitment from a faithful loser.


Endgame is just that, the end. It is a summary and reminder of what you have learned and what to keep in mind. Kyle makes it clear that you don’t have to live this lifestyle if you don’t want. Some people want to settle down and that is fine. However it should be a choice not something you were forced into. Most men end up with the girl they are with because they didn’t think they had any other options or the other options sucked. That is no way to live your life. You should live your life aware of the possibilities of all that you can be and do. Then when you decide something it will be because you wanted it, not because it was your only option.

Kyle has written a masterpiece that goes into every little detail of everything that you would need to know to have the relationships of your dreams with the women of your dreams. It has everything you need to get started running a harem of your own. If you are not having the sex life of your dreams get The Harem Handbook ASAP. This is an important part of every man’s life one he would be foolish to make the most out of.

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