Jeong-Hwan An – Speed Throwing

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Learn how to add speed to your judo throws from 2009 Bronze World Medalist Jeong-Hwan An


Jeong-Hwan An - Speed Throwing  Jeong-Hwan An – Speed Throwing Jeong Hwan An Speed Throwing

Jeong-Hwan An – Speed Throwing

Check it out: Jeong-Hwan An – Speed Throwing

Speed Throwing: Jeong-Hwan An

  • Learn how to add speed to your judo throws from 2009 Bronze World Medalist Jeong-Hwan An
  • By improving the speed and efficiency of your techniques, you will drastically shorten your learning curve with this legendary South Korean judoka’s help
  • And if throws are not enough, Jeong-Hwan An shows his complete gripping and ground technique game plan.
  • This is one of the most detailed instructionals ever put together with Judo Fanatics that covers every aspect of the Judo game.

What Will You Learn?
This 2009 World Medalist is going to share his complete gameplan that helped him become one of South Korea’s most decorated judokas. What sets this series apart is the incredible detail and focus on the role of speed in the development of powerful and efficient throws.

Step by step, Jeong-Hwan An will take you through his favorite gripping sequences, throw set ups, the execution of the throws and finally his complete newaza or ground game. This 4 Volume Series will literally re-energize your overall approach to judo.

So What’s on this series?
In volumes 1 and 2, Jeong-Hwan An focuses on all of his stand up tricks and techniques and how to refine them to make them more efficient and more powerful, making your judo that much more offensive.

Volume 3 is a deep dive into the roll of gripping and using posture and stances to make your techniques better.

The fourth and final volume is completely dedicated to the newaza aspects of judo. This contains all of the tricks that have made Jeong-Hwan An one of the most successful Asian judokas of all time.

So what exactely do you get?


Ippon Seoinage
Ippon Seoinage > Osoto Gari
Korean Seoi Nage (#1) Slide Opponent’s Back
Korean Seoi Nage (#2) Enter Front
Sode Tsuri Komigoshi (#1) Sleeve Collar
Sode Tsuri Komigoshi (#2) Double Sleeve
Tai Otoshi
Tai Otoshi (Ouchi > Tai Otoshi)
Tai Otoshi (Kouchi Tai Otoshi) LR H: Sode
Tai Otoshi (Sode Tsui Komigoshi Taio Otoshi)
Hani Goshi Makikomi (Ippon Seoi Nage Motion)
Kouchi Gari


Ouchi Gari
Ouchi Gari (Kenka Yotsu)
Kouchi Gari > Ouchi Gari
Ouchi Gari > Kouchi Gari
Kouchi Makikomi
Ippon Seoinage > Kouchi Makikomi
Kosoto Gake
Okuri Ashibarai (Side 2 Step)
How to Improve Your Ashiwaza (Foot Techniques)
Tsubame Gaeshi
Tomoe Nage (Yoko)
Uchimata Sukashi
Uchimata Sukashi Left Right
Kata Guruma


Movement with Leg
How to Cut
Using Elbow and Shoulder
Shifting the Gi Jacket With Body

Part 4 – NEWAZA

Kata Gatame
Tateshiho Gatame (Transform)
Kuzure Kamishiho Gatame (#1)
Kuzure Kamishiho Gatame (#2)
Kamishigo Gatame (From Sankaku) Use the Belt (Hold Wrist)
Yokoshiho Gatame (Pulling Out Leg)
Udehishigi Zyuzi Gatame (Pulling out hand) Cross the Wrist
How To Change The Hands
Udehishigi Zyuzi Gatame ((Yotsunbai Position)
Udehishigi Zyuzi Gatame > Osaekomi
Kuzure Kesa Gatame (#1 Uchishiba)
Kuzure Kesa Gatame (#2 Uriarte)
Ushiro Kesa Gatame from Turtle

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