Hypnotica – The Collection Of Confidence

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Hypnotica has real life experience coaching and he himself has an incredible history with woman.


Hypnotica - The Collection Of Confidence  Hypnotica – The Collection Of Confidence Hypnotica The Collection Of Confidence

Hypnotica – The Collection Of Confidence

Check it out: Hypnotica – The Collection Of Confidence

83 percent of men report low self-confidence and low self-esteem.

69 percent of men say that they have anxiety while approaching women.

If you also experience fear while approaching women, do you want to be like most beta men?

Do you want to see tons of beautiful women and just not be able to approach them, and then feel tons of regret?


Do you think it’s a must to build your confidence?

I have been in your place and I know what it feels like.

I was at one point in my life at an all time low, but I learnt from mentors on how to re-build my confidence and self-image.

I went through fucking hell trying to figure out this whole dating thing.

I definitely had those moments of so much suffering that I wanted to just say it’s not worth the pain.

But I always tell everyone I coach and I will tell you also: It will never be easy.

The trick is to find the right course that will lead on your way becoming a masculine, attractive man.

The Collection of Confidence course By Hypnotica Is The Best For You To Build Your Confidence.

let’s find out the good and the bad and what it includes.

Table of Contents

What Is The Collection of Confidence?

It is a system that uses hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, and progressive conditioning to create long lasting confidence.

The goal of the course is to:

  • Build core confidence, raise your self-esteem
  • Start taking steps towards the life you want to live, not just with woman
  • To become an assertive man that people respect genuinely
  • It will help you tremendously to become socially free by removing your worries about what people think of you.

Who Is Hypnotica The Creator of The Course?

Quick overview:

His real name is Eric Von Sydow. He one of the founding members of the seduction community and has a big name for himself. He gives talks and does private coaching for a premium price. Hypnotica has been in the industry since the beginning and he hasn’t been called out yet, that clearly shows that he knows what he’s talking about.

Neil Struass featured Hynotica in his book ‘The Game’ which sold 2.5 million copies and Neil Strauss credits hypnotica for huge successes that he has had with woman. He’s a close friend of Sasha Daygame – who is a true master of real seduction, love and being socially free.

Read this before buying “The Collection of Confidence“:

One part of this course is about letting Hypnotica hypnotize you in an audio.

But it’s very difficult to measure success in regards to hypnosis in general because people respond differently to hypnosis. Many people change tremendously, some don’t respond well to it.

The entire course is made up of audio, so there’s no downloadable PDF or cheat-sheet. There’s no summaries, you need to take your own notes.

This may be a good thing for you, I used to take detailed notes on audio programs and they have had the biggest impact on me.

If you put in your own work, the work becomes part of you and ultimately that will cause you to follow through and become someone new.

The course is not about the techniques of talking to woman, it’s about the inner game; building from the inside.

Even though for most people this can seem as a con, and in fact all the other reviews online say that this is a minus, I disagree. If you are cool with yourself and you can be yourself because of your confidence than that’s 80 percent of the success that you’ll ever need.

Once your good with YOU than it really doesn’t matter what you say, your energy will be so inviting that she won’t even notice what you said.

This is also true when it comes to comedians, you have comedians that are way more hilarious than other comedians and the crowd laughs way more, but ultimately everyone loves the less funny comedian, why? Because that comedian gives out warm, light energy due to his self-confidence.

What Makes “The Collection of Confidence” Perfect For You?

It provides an action based, step by step guide to expand your comfort level and raise your confidence.

This point is what makes any personal development course great or terrible. I think you would agree that if you would take any course, really any course, from anyone on dating and you did what the course did 100 percent than you would be a different person.

The challenge that faces every coach and author is getting the reader or consumer to take action and stop just taking in more and more information.

This is precisely what Hypnotica did right and why I think it’s a great product.

He has a very clear way of telling you what you got to do. And that makes it very compelling to follow through and take action which will lead to real results.

There are so many great programs out there in theory that can teach you everything, but when it comes to real action they fail. Make sure you do not invest in those programs.

This program will take your life to the next level, this isn’t only about woman and dating.

Why? because this course will give you that self-belief that when things get tough in life you will have that inner strength to push past everyone telling you to be careful and not take risks.

You will have the beliefs that keep you going when everything looks like it’s going to fail. This is so damn crucial.

It’s about naturally attracting woman, not messing with some tricks. Again this is yet another factor that sets this course apart from all the others.

This is about realness. This is about work. This is about being a man. If you think that your going to play some tricks to get woman than you better take a step back and rethink your entire goal system.

Takes a long term view and not a short term view. 

This goes together with the last point, this isn’t about some bullshit program that promises super fast results. No, this is about long term, you’ll use these techniques your entire life.

How does the course work?

When you buy this course you get 5 full modules.

For each of the 5 modules you have 3 sections.

Each module covers a different aspect to confidence so that you really develop yourself.

Section 1. THE LESSON

This is teaching you what is going on logically so that you can follow through. You deeply understand confidence clearly and clarity is power.


This is the meat of the program. This is where you say “I know that I have transformed.” Follow what he says and you are set.


This is a great part because hypnosis is a very simple and easy thing to do and it goes along with the action your taking and the information your learning.

A very smooth process. Many people report getting incredible result with the hypnosis, hypnosis is one of Hypnoticas’ specialties.

That makes for a nice sized course.

5 modules with 3 individual parts to each module.



  1. accelerator positive hypnosis – hour long of hypnosis
  2. shield of impenetrability – more intense hypnosis (1 hour)

3.5 hours in the main part and another 2 hours in the bonuses. That’s big value right there.

5 hours of audio all together.

Why This Course is Legit?

It’s based on NLP, hypnosis and progressive behavioral conditioning – all scientifically proven techniques.

Successful self-development coaches use these powerful techniques.

Hypnotica has real life experience coaching and he himself has an incredible history with woman.

He has a very solid reputation and he’s been doing it for a long time and he hasn’t been called out yet so clearly he’s legit.

Buy this course if:

  1. You have fear around woman or generally in life
  2. You were brought up in a home that made you Mr. Nice Guy and you know you need to change
  3. You want to be able to meet woman on a daily basis and have fun!
  4. You are willing to put the effort into succeeding with this program because you recognize that no success comes in an instant and without work.

It’s a waste of time for you if:

  1. Your looking for the secret potion or pill and your not willing to put in effort. You can’t just listen to the exercises and all of a sudden you’ll be confident. It’s work. if your not willing to man up you will never be a man.
  2. Expecting instant fix for your confidence.
  3. Your at an advanced level

Anyone who called this course a scam was not willing to work and that’s why they didn’t achieve results.

And in that case every single program is a scam.

He teaches that you can change no matter what your past looked like, about how you can see rejection in a way so that you realize the only one that can actually reject you is yourself.

He will make you into a decision making man and that being aggressive has nothing to do with real assertiveness.

This will really develop you.

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