Eliot Marshall – Side Control

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Learn How To Combine The Kimura And Triangle From Side Control With Eliot “The Fire” Marshall


Eliot Marshall - Side Control  Eliot Marshall – Side Control Eliot Marshall Side Control

Eliot Marshall – Side Control

Check it out: Eliot Marshall – Side Control

Side Control by Eliot Marshall

  • Master Your Top Game And Finish The Fight With Eliot Marshall’s Systematic Attacks For Dominating The Side Control
  • ADCC & UFC Veteran Eliot Marshall shows how anyone can dominate a bigger, stronger fighter from side mount, using technique and strategy
  • Systematically attack the side control for submissions and positional advances
  • Eliot breaks down how to use your opponent’s reactions against them for total technical domination


Attack the side control systematically with Eliot Marshall’s series for submitting and progressing from one of BJJ’s most important positions. Turn every guard pass into an opportunity to finish the fight with this step-by-step blueprint on all of this UFC & ADCC veteran’s favorite ways to lock up victory from side control. Mount, take the back, or secure the submission better than ever with this black belt’s dominant control from top, now across this 4-volume instructional set.

Eliot Marshall, one of the most successful American grapplers ever, shares how he has built an entire system around side control. Every reaction and defense from his opponent builds to another attack for him, so once he has passed the guard it is like quicksand (just a matter of time), until he has his hand raised in victory. Now you can learn every technique and detail, and how they all fit together into a comprehensive gameplan with his expert coaching.

Learn How To Combine The Kimura And Triangle From Side Control With Eliot “The Fire” Marshall

Eliot’s students at the Easton Training Center in Colorado have seen huge jumps in their effectiveness from side control thanks to this series of techniques, and now you can benefit the same way. Instead of focusing only on the mount or the back, you can make your side control just as potent and effective, with Eliot’s advice in understanding what sets a good side control apart from a great one.

Beyond just the elite technical coaching, Eliot takes time to share his insights into the grappling lifestyle and what it means to study, learn, and live martial arts like he does. These lessons, learned from a lifetime of competing at the absolute highest levels against legends, will help you as you progress through this series (and far beyond). By understanding how he developed his devestating side control ability and built his system, you can see the innovative and creative ways that you can build your own game in every position.

Improve your top game and turn every pin into a potential match-ender, with Eliot Marshall’s side mount. Attack chokes, arm locks, shoulder locks, and more, with each step in the system explained in a scientific amount of detail. With coaching from this ADCC & UFC veteran, watch your side control skyrocket as your submission rates shoot way up.

So What’s On This Series

Volume 1
Side Control Overview
Mounting From Side Control
Side Control Maintenance (Opponent Turns Away)
Side Control to Back Take

Volume 2
Front Headlock to Back Take From Opponent Pummeling
Countering Turtle Reversal to Back Take
Countering Turtle Reversal to Back Take Part 2
3/4 Mount to Truck Roll

Volume 3
Intro to Attacking Side Control and Walk Around Armbar
Judo Roll
Kimura Trap
Kimura Trap Returning to Start and Triangle
Uke Framing Breakdown

Volume 4
Spin Around Armbar
Marshall Special
Step Over Triangle
Anaconda From Turtle
Darce From Turtle
Gospel of Fire

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