Dan Silverman – The 7 Steps To Inner Game Power

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Discover the Secrets to Building Unstoppable Confidence and Eliminating Approach Anxiety Forever …Digital Download for Dan Silverman – The 7 Steps To Inner Game Power from TheVipCourse


Dan Silverman – The 7 Steps To Inner Game Power

Dan Silverman – The 7 Steps To Inner Game Power  Dan Silverman – The 7 Steps To Inner Game Power Dan Silverman     The 7 Steps To Inner Game Power

Check it out: Dan Silverman – The 7 Steps To Inner Game Power

The Seven Steps to Inner Game Power: Building Unstoppable Confidence with Women

Stop wasting money on expensive and complex inner game techniques that fail to create permanent results for you…

Discover the Secrets to Building Unstoppable Confidence and Eliminating Approach Anxiety Forever …

Dear Friend,

When you go out to meet women, is your approach anxiety so unbearable that it has become your constant state? Have you tried other self-help dating programs or inner game programs to improve your confidence with women that use NLP, teach you pick-up lines, and theories that never produce results?

This is not your fault. Stop blaming yourself because there is nothing wrong with you. The problem with learning pick up lines and routines or NLPing yourself into confidence is that it doesn’t deal with the real issues that cause your lack of confidence and approach anxiety (an inner game issue).

What’s missing is strong inner game. The stuff you hear the gurus teach, the routines and materials that so-called pickup artists use in clubs every night, it’s all fairy dust designed for show and profits. Every time I go out, I come across the same guys who keep reading all the latest reports on attraction, inner game and approach anxiety, only to be shot down every time they approach a woman they like. And it goes on week after week…

Because the real core of attraction and dating which accounts for about 80% of success with women isn’t as closely related to what you say, or how you say it, as some would like you to believe.

There’s no magic in attraction. Meeting and dating interesting women doesn’t have to be the complex, hard-to-follow process that is often portrayed on TV and Magazines.

If you really want to turn your life around and be more successful with women, the only sure-fire way to create permanent transformation in your inner game is to destroy your deepest insecurities and replace them with positive beliefs that will build real confidence, overcome your approach anxiety, and naturally attract women in your life.

When Good Advice, Support From Friends, And Great Inner Game Techniques Don’t Get You The Results You Want…

Let me tell you a story of how I came to create the ultimate inner game mindset that turned me from the guy who couldn’t get a date even if his life depended on it to building and enjoying a successful lifestyle as Miami’s top dating coach with adorable girlfriends… who want to be with me for who I am and not what I learned from the seduction gurus…

There I was in high school. A lonely, lanky, awkward, drama nerd with no inner game. I was intimidated by girls and had extreme approach anxiety. I was given the dreaded “Let’s Just Be Friends” apology by just about every girl I pursued. I was the typical “nice guy”. Girls would dump their emotional drama on me when they would complain about the jerks they were dating.

My approach anxiety was so bad that the girls I met were limited to those I met from friends. With a stroke of luck, I finally got my first girlfriend and dated her for a few months. I fell completely in love with her, and the more I fell in love with her and sacrificed stuff I liked to make her happy, the more distant she grew.

Until the day she cheated on me with my best friend and left me without saying a word…

I was heartbroken, my inner game was wrecked, and my confidence was destroyed. After that happened, I vowed to become confident and never get walked on by girls again. I decided I would no longer be the nice guy with approach anxiety who gets taken advantage of as he keeps on and on chasing the girls…

That’s when I obsessively researched everything I could get my hands on about pick up, attraction, approach anxiety, and dating. I felt that if I knew tons of pick up lines, routines, and gimmicks, I would become a more confident guy, get over my approach anxiety, and attract women.

However, even with all the knowledge I acquired, I was still insecure….

I would go out to clubs ready to use openers and lines, but I’d almost always end up standing against a wall, blending into the background while other people around me were having a great time. All night, I was unseen and unnoticed by women…

I felt like a scared little boy with no inner game. I would spend so many nights feeling like a total failure. My approach anxiety was so bad that the thought of approaching women would make me feel like throwing up and I’d often flake and stay home watching movies instead.

Countless times I’d build the courage to approach a woman in a club, only to experience rejection, failure, and made to feel even worse about myself.

I would allow women’s reactions to affect how I felt deeply inside, shattering my inner game, confidence, and feeling of self-worth. My approach anxiety got even worse. I dreaded making the next approach.

My approach anxiety got so bad that every night out, I would feel an intense fear that would consume my whole body.

My palms would get sweaty, my hands would shake, and I’d get dizzy.

This killed my motivation to keep trying.

At one point, I almost threw in the towel and gave up. I felt like I just wasn’t cut out for this. I’d always be that nice guy with approach anxiety that women walk over, but hopefully I’ll get lucky one day and my next girlfriend will just fall in my lap…

That’s When Juan Entered My Life & Changed My Inner Game For Good.

Juan wasn’t Don Juan.

Actually, you couldn’t mistake him for a seducer, ladies man, or even say he was really attractive. He was heavier than your average guy. Didn’t wear nice shoes or have a tie. No BMW at the door. And he would keep fidgeting every time there were more than 5 people in the room. But like me, he was unleashed and determined to change this.

When two men start going out together with only one objective in mind – meeting more quality women – they start sharing a bond like no other.

We spent countless nights in clubs. Free time became an opportunity to rehearse our latest witty lines, debrief on our progress or lack thereof, and give each other support when things didn’t go as planned… not to say, most of the time.

Then one day, Juan came to our meeting with a revelation.

He introduced me to the principles of internal validation and inner game. Explaining that all the time we had invested in clubs was spent seeking approval from the women we approached. All those tricks we had learned did nothing to help transform ourselves or help our approach anxiety.

We were still the same insecure nice guys inside. Chasing girl after girl every night.

If we wanted to become more successful with women, we had to change the way we were permanently thinking and feeling about ourselves, women, and dating.

So, I scoured the internet reading every bit of information on confidence building and inner game I could find. I came across many websites with extremely shady characters trying to sell me guides claiming to help me trick girls and get laid easy with over 20 women per month. I was disgusted.

I had started this journey so that I could enjoy better relationships with women, not learn shady gimmicks to get laid…

I even came across very promising inner game products that use NLP to build confidence and help guys overcome approach anxiety, but the exercises were so bizarre and outlandishly impractical that they never had a long-term impact on my confidence.

These NLP guys dominated the inner game market and still do. I wondered if anything new was out there that didn’t require me to do crazy inner game exercises like closing my eyes and imagining myself floating over millions of little pictures of my ideal self.

Or this other “Inner Game Guru” who preached that he had discovered a way to help you get over approach anxiety, build inner game and irresistible confidence, and attract more women in my life by somehow tapping my finger on my arm and using other similar covert “ninja” tactics…

My Obsession With Women Turned Into A Stronger Desire To Master My Own Reality and Inner Game

As I was looking for a practical and permanent solution that would help me grow my inner game, overcome approach anxiety, and become more successful with women, I started working for my father, who is a clinical psychologist.

The office was small enough that I could sometimes overhear him using his psychological techniques with victims of psychological disorders, insecurity, anxiety, and depression.

The therapy he used was called cognitive behavioral therapy. I spent three years working there and learning from my father. I also continued my own research on inner game and confidence building.

I was finally seeing success and overcoming my approach anxiety with women. Everything started to come together.

I used to think that something was wrong with me. Now I know better.

All this time, I thought it was my fault that I didn’t like spitting out canned routines and felt uncomfortable with the mind games and tricks taught in the “seduction community”. That if I wasn’t willing to become a sleazebag creepy PUA like almost all the other guys out there, I would never get what I want. That success was out of my reach because I was messed up.

The truth is that it wasn’t my fault. My insecurities were keeping me from having success. The problem with NLPing yourself into confidence is that it never addresses your insecurities. Cognitive psychology does!

This was the turning point in my success. I got so good at confidence building and creating attraction that I became a dating coach and have been for almost three years now. During this time, I have contributed to more than a hundred success-stories through my work with private students.

I helped guys of all ages better themselves and build a permanent state of confidence that attracts women effortlessly and naturally…

I became so successful that I had students paying up to $1,500 to take private inner game boot camps with me.

Through the course of my career as a dating coach, I perfected everything I knew about inner game and approach anxiety and put it into an extremely simple system that I call, the Seven Steps to Inner Game Power.

I didn’t just see success in my career and with my clients, but also in my dating life.

I was now easily able to attract women whom I chose to be with and never relied on luck or canned routines anymore. I finally was able to date the women I really wanted. Every party I went to, I was the life of the room. I got over my approach anxiety. I spent over 3 years in two fulfilling long-term relationships with women who I onced considered “out of my league”. A sexy high school drama teacher and a drop dead gorgeous salsa dancer who was studying to become a surgeon…

In the picture to the left was my last girlfriend whom I spent a beautiful weekend with in Sanibel collecting shells. My father paid for our hotel as a birthday present since I had little money to spend. No, I’m not rich if you’re thinking that’s why she was with me. She was with me because she loved me for me. I believe I deserved a woman like her.

I spent many years banging my head against the wall and suffering incredible approach anxiety to learn the secrets I expose in my transformative inner game system. Don’t go what I had to go through and learn this stuff the hard way.

Trust me, I know where you are and how you are feeling right now because…

I’ve Been There Too!
If You Feel Ashamed To Admit To Any Of These Statements Below, You Owe It To Yourself To Keep Reading Up
On Conquering Your Inner Game Issues…


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