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I have to warn you. It WILL be shocking. In fact, it will make many of you uncomfortable. For others, who knew it intuitively, it will serve as a sort of liberation and a breath of fresh air.Digital Download for Captain Jack – Conversational Blueprints from TheVipCourse


Captain Jack – Conversational Blueprints

Captain Jack – Conversational Blueprints  Captain Jack – Conversational Blueprints Captain Jack     Conversational Blueprints

Check it out: Captain Jack – Conversational Blueprints

How to meet more of them… how to meet them quicker… easier… without obligations or drama and endless dates that go nowhere… and, with the women you really want, instead of those you only settle for. It requires no magic, long routines or circus-like social displays.

It will break down and dissolve all of your customary ideas and beliefs about women, their sexuality and how easy relationships REALLY occur.

What I am going to describe below is my complete theory and system of getting a beautiful girlfriend — without compromising yourself, becoming all “gamey” and incongruent and wasting a ton of time.

I have to warn you. It WILL be shocking. In fact, it will make many of you uncomfortable. For others, who knew it intuitively, it will serve as a sort of liberation and a breath of fresh air.

It is a VERY long article clocking in at over 7,000 words. Most blog articles are around 500 so this is 14x longer.

I recommend downloading it in PDF and saving it to your desktop as you are unlikely to finish it all in one sitting.

I also suggest you join my email list as I’ll be publishing a LOT more of these types of posts, pdfs and guides you can use in the future.

Here’s another disclaimer… I’ve changed my viewpoint on the healthiness of the lifestyle it is possible to create using these methods. I now prefer to get a Beautiful Girlfriend and keep her as long as the relationship is working for both of us.

At the time I formulated these theories I had one goal: Get laid as much as possible, as quickly as possible.

You can use it either way BUT I think you will lead a happier, healthier life if you use it to get a girlfriend.

Here goes…

Every night, all across the world’s bars, clubs and parties a select group of specially trained men practice a new and unique method of conversation with women.

This special method of conversation makes it appear as if the men have been good with women all their lives, that women are just naturally drawn to them.

Those Men, many of whom were previously unable to get dates, now juggle multiple girlfriends with ease. Those who were already good are now at a level that would make Casanova blush.

By reading this post, you are just a few hours from breaking into the ranks of those men!

Sound too good to be true?

It’s not. In fact, once I tell you the REASONS WHY it works you will understand and believe. It will make such perfect sense to you that you will KNOW it is the truth.

Your entire viewpoint will change.

This is made possible by three of my innovations in Game. The first is called ‘The Sexual Framing of Male-Female Interactions’ or just ‘Sexual Framing’ for short.

The second, newest and most important, is called ‘Game Dynamics.’

The last is called ‘Sticking Point Analysis.’ (Watch Video of Sticking Point Analysis)

But, before we get into the meat of this I want to warn you… this is NOT for the faint of heart. Many men just cannot handle the TRUTH about a woman’s raw sexuality. They prefer to think of most girls as good girls and just a few as ‘sluts.’ NOTHING could be further from the truth, my friend. The way a girl acts, what she is willing to do and how quickly she wants to do it has ALMOST EVERYTHING to do with the male she is being seduced by… and almost NOTHING to do with her own preferences, rules or upbringing.

(End of disclaimer.)

So, let’s begin…

Sexual Framing derives its power from a cultural phenomena which exists in nearly every society. When a girl is young, either through overt control or subtle manipulation, her parents, her teachers and almost all of society communicate to her that sex is wrong.

However, her body tells her different. Her body CRAVES sex. Most women report that, even before puberty, they would stare at older men and imagine them rubbing them, groping them and fondling them. This is at an age when they often did not even know HOW sexual reproduction takes place or what a penis WAS much less what it looked like or what was done with it.

Her body is more real and closer to her reality than all the people telling her sex is wrong… but, she is FORCED to suppress the sexual energies. Why?


As a Young Woman She Knows Intuitively That She Depends on Those Same Authority Figures for her Very Survival!

Therefore, she suppresses those urges to make sure she does nothing to risk being ostracized from those she depends on. As she grows older and hits puberty her very real sex drive and her accepted truth battle viciously. And, they continue battling each other her whole life.

But, knowing what we know about this suppressed desire, shouldn’t we be able to help in some way?

The answer is: Yes!

What I discovered was that all that repression and inner battling adds up to…

Pent-Up Sexual Demand!

So, the goal of the Man would be to create an interaction where all that pent-up sexuality would be unleashed!

But, not only would it be unleashed…

…it would be unleashed in a way that aimed the  FLOOD OF SEXUAL DESIRE DIRECTLY AT HIM!

How do you release this pent-up demand? That is what Sexual Framing is all about. But, there is something you must ALWAYS do before she is willing to really let herself go. You must show her that you are NON-JUDGMENTAL.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

She was judged in regards to sex even BEFORE she knew what it was! Society slammed down a GUILTY Verdict before she had done anything wrong!

Her sexual urges were pitted against her survival needs, leaving her in a deep confusion and turmoil.

Testimonial: Sexual Framing Quadruples Progress!

“I’ve been studying game for almost 2 years. The progress that I’ve made during the first 1.5 years was very little. I was spending a lot of time reading everybody’s stuff and as a result I got confused and my game was not improving much.

In the past 6 months I’ve made more progress than I’ve made in the 1.5 years before that. One of the main things that enabled me to make the progress is your teaching methods.

Your understanding of game fundamentals helped build my game plan and learn how to fix sticking points and improve over time. You’ve also helped me understand and solve inner game issues that were holding back my progress and taught me sexual framing.

I think one the main things that made the change was the xxxxx exercise in one of the Master Strategies bonuses. It helped me get over inner issues and boost my confidence.

Thanks to you I was able to break through a few major barriers that held down my game. After making this breakthrough my game learning process became much faster and I see the results in the field.” — David from NYC.

You have to show her you are NOT one of ‘them’ –the SUPPRESSORS. You have to show her that you ‘get it’, that you value it and that you think it is right. And, you’ll have to let her know that you never, ever, ever kiss and tell.

If getting sex seems hard to you or you feel like the girl is making you work for it, the reason is because she believes you are one of ‘them.’ Thus, it takes much longer for you to get in her Comfort Zone.

Do you see that? She is trying to do a balancing act between her innate urges and her need to stay in the good graces of society so she has to make sure you are not going to jeopardize it.

Forget all that Comfort Zone shit, let’s bypass it.

Almost 8 Lays In March: Able to Create a Sexual Vibe out of Thin Air

Before Captain Jack’s coaching, I was good. Most my lays took about 3 hours. 6 or 7 times I’d been able to sleep with girls within 15 to 90 minutes of meeting them, in sober daygame. I was usually able to do that when girls were clearly into me from the get go or when they were throwing a sexual vibe that I was able to capitalize on, fast.

After CJ’s coaching I’m now able to CREATE this kind of sexual vibe out of thin air, and right after opening. My game has changed completely, my sets go entirely different now, I get girls to be all over me very quickly. As I said, I almost got 8 lays in March, but now things are a lot more effortless, and I’m only starting to implement all the stuff CJ recommends.

The game is also more FUN now because I enjoy the sexual charge my sets have now a lot more than “conversation” and “being social”. In fact I can see 15 lays a month being well possible now, which I used to think was reserved for hunks.


Remember, she has this confused with her very SURVIVAL since before puberty! That is not a computation she easily undoes on her own… you must help her.

(Think it takes a long time? Let me assure you, it takes less than one minute and is done so covertly and so ‘off the cuff, matter-of-fact’ that she can’t help but believe you.)

Once you demonstrate that is NOT the case, that you are NOT one of ‘them,’ the dam that is holding back years and years of pent-up sexual frustrations will begin to crumble before your very eyes. And, what I instruct you to follow-up with will punch huge holes in that dam, cracking it wide open.

But, before I tell you what the follow-up is I have to tell you about a realization I had early in my career so you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

If a girl is out on a Friday or Saturday night all dressed up, make up on and wearing clothes that reveal her body she I figured she MUST be wanting something. If she just wanted a date that would be simple. She’d just answer the phone call or text message of one of the many guys who were hounding her.

Or, if no one was pursuing her at the moment and she REALLY wanted dates or sex she’d just send out a text message to all the guys in her phone like “Hey, what’re you up to?” Invitations would pour in.

She is looking for something. She wants someone to LIBERATE her. But, those guys CANNOT do it.

Why not?

Certainly they could give her sex, right? Of course they could… BUT, sex while still inside those installed threatening social frames is NOT nearly as fulfilling!

Which brings me to the next part… after you’ve put yourself in a whole new category of MAN… one that she has likely NEVER experienced before it is time to really pour the fuel on the fire by giving her a direct CUE that she is accomplishing what she really set out to do.

A Few Weeks Ago, Hadn’t Even KISSED a Girl!

Awesome! This is what this community is supposed to help guys do – attract the girls they want and choose. And this is all down to you CJ – a few weeks ago I had never even kissed a girl. Just a few days after my first SNL, this girl tonight was the 5th one so far. This really is faster progress than I anticipated. — Will

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Captain Jack, if what you’re saying is true, that she is really going out for sex, that she really wants it even more than a man, why doesn’t she just hook up with someone? Why doesn’t she just hook up with one of the obviously horny guys at the bar?”

Well, for one, those guys have not invoked the power of the NON-JUDGMENTAL frame. So, automatically they are barely even candidates and might be considered a very last ditch option.

Another reason is because females have a very real, very deep need that most guys leave unfulfilled. For most women it amounts to a constant frustration that always sits in the background annoying her in the male-female area of life.

Why is she putting on all that make-up? Why does she stress about her hair being perfect? Why the form-fitting, revealing clothing?

She is hoping to create a SEXUAL EFFECT in a male that she feels liberated with.

What usually happens, though, is she creates an effect in random guys who are essentially meaningless (and possibly dangerous) to her. That is why you hear women complaining about there not being enough good men around.

Frustration! (Sure, all the attention gives her a little ego a boost but what is that really worth compared to what she really desires? It’s a sad, pale substitution).

So, AFTER you’ve gotten the NON-JUDGMENTAL frame set you follow up with the sequence of actions (frames) that are going to pound the ever-loving shit out of the dam holding back her innate sexual desires and attach those desires directly to YOU! Here’s how:

You are going to subtly tell her that she is HAVING A SEXUAL EFFECT on you. But, don’t mistake this for dirty talk. It’s not. Don’t mistake it for nice compliments, either. It’s definitely not.

Inside the safety of the non-judgmental frame, you are telling her she (specifically) is having a sexual effect on you.

You are not some random horndog. You are a MAN. You understand her sexuality. You feel it. You LOVE it. And, SHE is making you turned on by her female presence, mannerisms, looks and personality.

This makes her FEEL sexy. (Ever wonder why women in a relationship go through all of the scented perfumes, bubble baths, candles and sexy lingerie when they are trying to rekindle a relationship? It’s NOT because they are trying to get their man horny… no, no, no… it is because they are TRYING to FEEL sexy again so they will fully enjoy the sex and their man isn’t doing much to help!)

Once she feels sexy, you are not FAR from the promised land.
It is easy from here on out.

You CAN learn this system in just a few hours and begin using it immediately. It is very simple. But, it must be done correctly and in the right sequence. When you start nailing it you will probably leave all other pick-up systems behind as have most of the PUAs who have learned it.

Once you realize you’ve found the answer you won’t care to sit around learning more shit… you’ll want to be in the field putting it to good use!

But, before we get into the nuts and bolts I need to give you another viewpoint and framework about what is happening “out there” since we already covered what is happening in her head.
Game Dynamics

The answer lies in ‘Game Dynamics.’ This is my most recent innovation and was the most talked about and trafficked post on my blog when I released it.

Do you ever wonder why…

Interactions that were going well suddenly unravel?
A girl who was all over you on the first meeting is acting like a church girl on the first date?
Things seem to work for others but not YOU?
A girl suddenly stops responding to calls or texts?
You do well at some venues but not others?
You do well with certain types of girls but not others?

The reason is because you are unwittingly VIOLATING one of the Game Dynamics. Here’s the basic premise behind Game Dynamics:

All Games are Based on Agreement.

Game Dynamic 1: You and she must agree you are both Players in a Game You Both Want to Play.

Game Dynamic 2: You and she must agree you are both playing the same Game TOGETHER.

Game Dynamic 3: You must show her that you VALUE her Game Goal.

Game Dynamic 4: You must demonstrate that you can carry her through the Obstacles… first by handling them in her mind, then in the immediate environment then over time.

By passing each dynamic you get closer to the Game Goal. During the interaction her statements and questions are evaluated in the light of which Dynamic she is trying to Clarify. So, that’s the information you give to her.

Remember the concept of ‘Shit Tests?’ Guess what… They aren’t shit tests at all. They are attempts on her part to CLARIFY what Game you are playing… boyfriend, lover, Same Night Lay, Friend… whatever.

Here’s what I posted on my blog about the Game Dynamics audio:

It’s gotten to the point where I look at all the words out of her mouth, text messages or emails as attempts to Clarify on the Dynamics. I can HEAR which Dynamic is out of whack by the topics she brings up and stuff she says or questions she asks. Now that I know what she is getting at I can smoothly feed her the info she needs and ONLY the info she needs to get it Clarified.

MOST of the success you see PUAs from other systems getting comes from a boost in numbers/attempts, a boost in Intention+followup and the fact that women have high sex drives. (There’s also the added effect of having something to say so they are less likely to fuck things up.)

Now, shit is getting much, much easier.

It changes everything. It changes Sticking Point Analysis because now we look at SPs (Sticking Points) in terms of which Dynamic you are not Clarifying or Violating. If you are doing it and notice a pattern you can bust it and get a move forward… BUT, if you look at it from a higher viewpoint and see which Dynamic you are fucking up on then you handle MULTITUDES of SPs and potential SPs in one shot!

Progress goes through the roof!

I’ve already handled a BIG SP I have with girls that I’m actually/truly interested in… cracked it wide open and dissolved it once I saw what it was… easy, easy, easy. Using SP Analysis in the previous fine-grained approach would’ve taken a LOT more time/effort and it would’ve reappeared down the road further in interactions.

Texting and Phone Game becomes so much easier. You probably have recent text messages in your phone right now that are attempts by a girl to Clarify on Dynamic 2 (“playing the same game Together.”) Handling it via text CAN be done but it would’ve been so much easier (and more powerful and persuasive) to do it in person.

If you do too much texting/phone without setting things up and getting back in front of her then you are creating Doubt on Dynamic 4 (You must demonstrate that you can carry her through the Obstacles… first by handling them in her mind, then in the immediate environment then over time.)

Shit that was “ON!” can fizzle really quickly if you create DOUBT here. Also, if original Agreement on Dynamic 2 was on an SNL type or “no strings attached” relationship then the prolonged and repetitive association with her day-to-day life can start undermining the original agreement as that begins to look like a different game (like boyfriend/girlfriend Game)!

Can you see this?

We now have a model and a methodical way to deduce WHERE our gaming attempts are going wrong!!! And, then apply fixes in our communication to make things seem to her like “it just happened!”

This WILL create a huge jump just like Sexual Framing has!!! I predict it will have much more far reaching impact as we can begin to really get at the Game Rules for each type of relationship… briefly, Game Rules are things that must be met or “not violated” in order for the Game to exist and operate… any violations of those Rules will cast doubt and confusion instead of Clarification which leads to Agreement.

Once you get this time frames will shorten and close ratios will go WAY UP.
Opening and Social Proof versus “Player in the Game”

Since I’m going out to meet and seduce women more and actually working on Sticking Points I’ve done a bit more experimentation and then, OUTSIDE THE FIELD, analysis of what I’ve noticed versus what I expected versus what I want.

I noticed the other day I was only marginally interesting to the hot bartenders and wait staff until I started talking to a cougar and the milf.

Normally, I explain this as Social Proof. It’s one of the communities favorite theories. And, it seems to explain a lot. Cialdini popularized it and the definition is people will be more likely to do what they see other people doing.

What about in the case of a normal bootcamp when guys are opening, but getting blown out or failing to get attraction they still get more AIs (Approach Invitations from women) after opening than when they don’t open. And, in this case you’d expect them to get blown out so much the first few times that they’d be done for the night due to all the negative social proof.

But, that doesn’t happen.

So, what’s going on?

Let’s examine this a bit further…

Have you ever looked at a woman and thought it looked “hard” to approach her and you weren’t sure if you wanted to risk it. Then, some chode went and opened her and she was extremely nice to him and everything went fine. Then, you said to yourself, “Holy shit… I could do better than that chode” and you walked over and opened?

Have you ever seen a hot girl with a chode and thought, “Damn, how the fuck did he get her? I’m 10x cooler than that guy” and if you had a smooth chance you’d have attempted to flirt?

Both of the above have happened to me and others many, many times. Here’s another related question:

Did you know that guys have been blown out after approaching women, gone back in later, and had it bust wide open?

What I’m going to say is that Social Proof doesn’t explain the warm responses you get from approaching women when you’ve been seen in set OR you merge sets with pawns.

I think it has to do with how she categorizes YOU in relation to the Game being played. She’s not keying off of the ACTUAL responses of the other women (that’d be pre-selection) as much as she’s keying off the realization that you are playing the Game.

See, women know that this is a Game. The Game is find an attractive mate to have sex with!

In any game there are Players and Spectators. If you are not talking to women, approaching women or already with women then you are a Spectator until proven otherwise. (She may HOPE that you are a Player and give you AIs to find out.)

Why do AIs increase when women see you open? Simply because they realize you are a Player and so are they so it’s an invitation from one Player to another Player to engage in the Game.

What about opening sets with a woman with you? First, it demonstrates you’re a Player in two ways, the opening and you are already with a girl. Second, much like you look at a dude and think you could do better than that guy, the girl looks at the girl and does the same… except girls seem to be much more aggressive in this area than the average community male. An Hb3 WILL try to unseat a 9 or 10, whereas most dudes who feel outclassed will shy away and ask if she has any friends or something.

You are most likely missing a lot of AIs. Assume any eye contact is an AI for the time being and you’ll get a lot of real world experience around the subject. Also, many afc/PUAs have trouble with making or keeping eye contact so practice holding eye contact if you haven’t done those types of drills. Especially if this is a weak point because it just won’t be tolerated in set. If this is a weak point for you literally stare girls down until you don’t feel any pressure to look away. A few days/nights of this is usually all you need.

You can make the assumption that if you see one AI you’ve probably missed 2 or 3.

Now, this snowballs. You open a set, girls notice, they start changing their body language and giving you AIs.

They look in your direction more. Other girls pick up on this… you open more, new girls pick up on it plus the old girls.


(If you’ve ever been in a club with a celebrity or sports star you’ll notice this on steroids magnified by one hundred. You can hardly keep a woman’s attention when there’s a big celeb in proximity.)

As you move around girls will shift body language towards you. You’ll get Proximity AIs from all girl sets, etc.

In my eCoaching bootcamp I discuss Parading girls – it’s the fastest way to warm up the entire venue. I have a saying that if you can Parade 3 times in a night you will most likely have an extremely good night. It is magical.)

Can’t this be described by Pre-Selection?

Again, only partially. See, pre-selection means the women were visibly and intensely attracted to you and the other women noticed it. We have PLENTY of examples of guys who have a lot of hot female FRIENDS who couldn’t get laid if their life depended on it. What is going on here? Well, though they are surrounded by hot girls they never show new girls they meet that they are in the game. They never show her that they know her Goals and move her across the barriers/obstacles to the win.

Don’t get me wrong Pre-Selection DOES help. But, what I’m talking about is something even before and more basic. I’m talking about girls giving AIs and becoming warm just based on her/their analysis that you are playing the same Game they are. Pre-selection comes later… it is “He’s in the same Game AND he’s obviously good at it”

(Parading, which I mentioned above, activates Pre-Selection especially when multiple girls are paraded together or close together in the same night.)

EVERYBODY in the game hates wasting time. Females don’t want an opportunistic Spectator to suck up their time so they usually reserve their AIs for proven Players. Girls also intuitively know that if she can get one guy to open her then a few others will get more courage and open. Thus, more Players and more opportunity for her to win.

What about Celebrities?

Let’s analyze this a bit: Why do women like Celebrities? I can think of a bunch of reasons.

1. Money? Money doesn’t hurt BUT, it can’t ONLY be money. Pro PUAs have many, many super rich guys come to us for help. Many super rich end up as sugar daddies for hotties and those situations aren’t usually exclusive.

2. Looks? Well, women don’t have the same physiological responses to looks as men do. Their acceptable range of looks is MUCH wider and is weak enough that we can totally ignore it. (Provided your grooming and style is good). Plus, many Celebrities are dog ugly.

3. Status? A strong contributor. Society has conditioned us to treat celebs better. Even dudes want to meet other celebrity dudes.

4. An Assumed Player in the Game. This conditioning of status begins the SNOWBALL we talked about earlier.

When you get the multiple girls visibly interested, the society conditioning of treating celebs as special plus the idea of bragging rights and money, then you have a lot of factors working together. It is deduced, assumed, that they are prime Players in the Game… thus, the females play all out.

The Case of the Man with Social Proof but Not a Player in the Game.

Take a guy out with 3 women. One of them is his wife, the other two are her sexy girlfriends. He has a wedding band on. Does he get massive AIs? No. He might get a few at first – some women are screwy and like to try and others may not have noticed the ring but after about an hour or two in the venue he is essentially invisible to the other Players.

I noticed this when I was out with FBs/Girlfriends. I’d get a LOT of AIs at first and after a bit I was essentially invisible again. Sure I was with a hot girl (social proof idea) BUT it was pre-empted because the girls realized I wasn’t in the Game.

So, I put the idea of Social Proof on the backburner as something that, while valid, only partially described what was happening and opt instead for the fuller idea of Player in the Game. It better describes what actually occurs in the field. Spectators, Players, Winners, Obstacles and Goals.

This also helps to mesh Sexual Framing with some of the more standard Mystery Method structured approach. Though, I usually avoid the standard Peacocking, Pawning, Social Proof/DHV routines (ex. the routine where you show you with pics with hot girls, doing cool shit, hanging with cool people), with this idea they start to make sense together.

When I open and start Sexual Framing I’m demonstrating I’m a Player in the Game that we are both playing the same Game, that I value her Game Goal (finding a guy who can make her feel sexy and sexual) and I’m willling to carry it home (so to speak! haa).

Since I’ve gotten good at opening one or two sets, hooking and staying in for the long haul the other girls notice it… if the set busts or unravels, many girls in the vicinity have noticed the deep sexual attraction between me and the other girl and have me pegged. Opening any girl who witnessed that makes my set go that much easier.

She isn’t looking for Value or Social Proof, she’s looking for the man in her near Vicinity who is the best Player in the Game.

If you understand this it will lessen your worry about people seeing a set go bad. It won’t matter, by opening you’ll show everyone else you’re in the game.

You should also feel less pressure from others watching you open because Spectators don’t count! And, Male Players are too busy playing to notice or care! In fact, if anything they’re probably thinking of allying with you to give both of you better chances to win.

Now that you’ve got a picture of the ‘reality’ of the situation it is time to start putting down the nitty-gritty details. Namely, how are you going to pull all of this shit off?

The first thing you need to do is nail down two Game Plans. One is the Game Plan for funneling women into your life. The other is the Game Plan for what you are going to do when you are talking to groups and women one-on-one.
Funneling Tons of Women Into Your Life

This is perhaps my weakest point. I am not super social by nature. I much prefer the solitude of my own ‘Pirate Pad’ to going out amongst people. I’m not sure why, exactly, I’ve always been that way.

But, for this purpose it is necessary to put that aside and become more social. However, since we are taking a methodical (even scientific) approach to this we can accomplish a great deal by following one of Mystery’s lesser known rules:

Let your successes from the previous nights help you become successful tonight.

That means if you get a number (or numbers) on one night, you invite those women out on other nights which y0u plan to meet other women. In this way, you are not always starting from ground zero out there all alone.

Instead you are building an abundance of women in your life.

Remember that one way to attract a woman is to be seen attracting other women. (Tweet this) So don’t worry that it might mess up your chances.

(If you are just going for a straight beeline to getting a girlfriend then you wouldn’t necessarily do this IF the woman really IS girlfriend material. In that case, you might just follow that all the way through and be done with it. However, I caution against this approach for most guys because if the relationship fizzles then they are back at square one with NO improvement in skills. The decision is ultimately yours but think about that.)

You also want to extend your network of cool guys. These guys don’t need to be pick-up artists particularly but it helps if they are reasonably good at talking to women even if they aren’t good at initiating relationships with them.

Trust me… getting lots of


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