Alexandre Vieira – The Crucifix and Loop Choke

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Take every position and leave no doubt, as you learn how to attack like Alexandre Vieira


Alexandre Vieira - The Crucifix and Loop Choke  Alexandre Vieira – The Crucifix and Loop Choke Alexandre Vieira The Crucifix and Loop Choke

Alexandre Vieira – The Crucifix and Loop Choke

Check it out: Alexandre Vieira – The Crucifix and Loop Choke

Learn The Two Most Simple Yet Neglected Chokes In BJJ Today – These Two Moves Could Tap Everyone In Your Gym

  • Alexandre Viera – Who Lives & Trains In Rio –Shows All Of The Secrets Of The Moves That Made Him World Famous
  • Alexandre had the best submission of the year
  • Loop chokes are the easiest submissions to get because everyone neglects them
  • Add these unique weapons to your arsenal
  • Develop a dangerous set of attacks from the crucifix

Learn The Two Most Simple Yet Neglected Chokes In BJJ Today – These Two Moves Could Tap Everyone In Your Gym

Alexandre Viera – Who Lives & Trains In Rio –Shows All Of The Secrets Of The Moves That Made Him World Famous

It all started when Alexandre went over to Abu Dhabi to compete in the Abu Dhabi Pro Tournament. He locked on the loop choke, did a fireman’s carry and then gently put his oppontent down after he passed out. The video went viral. People wanted to learn the move but no one knew how…

Loop Choke From Top Split Guard by Alexandre Vieira

So What is Alexandre’s secret? It is a game centered around a modern and unique approach to the crucifix position and a loop choke he locks on out of nowhere. He is always looking to finish and in his victories he has a 100% finish rate! That is positively unheard of!!! He’s either gonna choke you out or lose J – This Murilo Bustamante black belt is responsible for some of the slickest submission victories we have seen lately. Now you have the chance the learn why.

Who Is Alexandre?

Alexandre Vieira has a nasty habit of ending up on highlight reels, from choking people unconscious with savage gi chokes from unexpected places. One of legendary coach Murilo Bustamante’s premier modern athletes, Alexandre uses his high paced, relentless style to set trap after trap for people, until they are stuck in his positions, on the defensive. He’s one of the most versatile fighters on the scene today, able to transition his game between gi and no-gi, placing in nearly every tournament on the planet (including a 2014 World Championship gold medal in no gi, at brown belt). Alexandre will take on anyone, and this featherweight is often the smallest (and most aggressive) athlete in the absolute division, fighting toe to toe with black belts up to six weight classes above him.

A lifelong martial artist, Alexandre began in the Brazilian fighting style of Capoeira at five years old, before embracing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as a teen. Also a black belt in kickboxing, Alexandre competes and represents himself with a dedication, discipline, and determind style that makes him can’t-miss. As he has said himself, “I play forward, I play to submit my opponents, I don’t play to score a point or advantage. I fight for the excellence, to go for a submission.” His keys to excellence? The crucifix and the loop choke.

The crucifix remains one of the most dominant positions in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, using your body to isolate and dominate your way to the submission. Alexandre has taken this dominant control one step further, adding his own personal twist on the classic position adding even more control. Even a crucifix novice will be able to follow this easy-to-understand progression from simple everyday positions, to the

traditional crucifix, to Vieira’s signature attacks. Chokes, arm locks and more are just a quick movement away as you attack with freedom.

Alexandre has drawn worldwide commendation for his effective use of the crucifix, an old school position that many shy away from. Instead, he has embraced it and made it a key part of his game, and a position he can get to from countless attacks. Once he has established his control, he’s chaining from submission to submission until his opponent is left tapping. This is the perfect fit for anyone looking to expand their BJJ knowledge and these are techniques you can only see here.

The loop choke is quickly becoming the quickest and most devastating submission seen in competition and no one is doing it better than Vieira. It’s been called “the most savage loop choke you will ever see” and they aren’t lying! One correct grip on the lapel can spell BIG trouble for your opponents after you watch this. Easily flow from position to position, all while threatening the choke, after this comprehensive instructional set lets you in on all of the secrets and strategies that have worked for him.

What exactly is it that makes these moves so special? It’s Alexandre’s attention to detail, as he breaks down exactly what he’s doing in each position, how he is neutralizing his opponent, and the little adjustments that he has innovated along the way. Never again do you have to spend an eternity fighting grips as you hunt the choke, now you can have all you need to finish the fight on your own terms. Benefit from his experience and expertise while watching breakdowns never before released to the public.

Crucifix From Back with Hooks

So What’s On This Series?

Master One Of the Most Dominant Positions In BJJ

-The crucifix position, even though it is one of the most dominant controls you can have, is often overlooked by a lot of BJJ practitioners. Most will only attack the back from turtle, or with hooks in, attempting the few available chokes and arm locks. You don’t have to fall into that same trap, as you watch and learn how to transition into, and attack from, this dynamic position. Alexandre starts by taking you through the traditional entries and attacks, explaining the pressure, grip battles, and changes in angle necessary to hook and trap your opponent. After the traditional, next see Alexandre’s supercharged style of crucifix, where he’s using every part of his body to isolate and break down defenses, putting himself in a can’t lose position. After you learn what makes this position so effective, Vieira shows you entry after entry after entry, giving you a huge variety of ways to get to this position and finish fights.

-This is a perfect set for anyone who has had trouble taking the back and finishing the fight. Alexandre’s method of hooking his leg is effective for anyone, against anyone, making the fight your whole body against their one leg. We like those odds! Flow into the crucifix from your guard, chain it together with a pass, or even manage to get there from bottom side control! Once you know the position, you can pass to it consistently any number of ways.

-So often, grapplers attacking the crucifix are left stuck stubbornly fighting grips, without anything more dynamic to go to. With Vieira’s signature control, that’s no longer an issue. By hooking his opponent’s leg in the crucifix, he’s both simultaneously controlling and isolating almost all of his opponent’s limbs AND creating pressure to break through their defenses! This simple hook takes the regular crucifix control and turns it into a whole new battle!

-You don’t get to a 100% black belt submission rate without having a strong variety of attacks, and Alexandre Vieira is no exception. Lock on the crucifix and learn how to continually chain submission to submission, following your opponent anywhere they choose to go, each time one step ahead of them. Alexandre has left opponent’s tapping to gi chokes, mata leao’s, and armbars all from the same position, and he’s here to show you how to accomplish the same. The trick is in how he has isolated each limb, meaning that while someone is defending one limb, another has become vulnerable.

-There’s always a risk while you are passing of getting caught up in a pesky quarter guard battle than can eat up precious time and energy. Instead, watch as Alexandre changes it up and rolls that position into the crucifix, where he can attack the submission. Notice the balance and hip pressure that makes a huge difference, as you keep your grips one step ahead of theirs and roll to your control. Don’t miss the key details he includes on how to isolate the arm with a simple hip switch.

-Vieira’s crucifix isn’t just for offense, he has found huge success in using this position to escape bad positions. Watch how he turns bottom side control into his own back take, and what most people in the crucifix need to know in order to keep their balance from tipping forward. This is not a move only meant for the most flexibile or fighters with the longest legs, you are using your body’s positioning and balance to trap them and sweep them across your body, anyone can do this.

Off With Their Heads

-Everyone is watching tape on this loop choke, and it can be yours, with every detail explained. Again, Alexandre starts with the traditional loop choke, attacking the head with a collar grip and rolling to finish, before adding what has made him one of the most feared in the featherweight division. See those key adjustments that let him finish fights, even after his guard has been passed. He’s taken the loop choke we all are taught and made it his own, and now he’s decided to share it with everyone. Once you’ve learned the submission, you’ll see the real magic of the technique: you can hit it from out of nowhere! Alexandre will lead you through the most common situations you can attack from, counters to common situations, and even how he’s managed to choke so many people unconscious while stuck underneath in side control. This is a can’t miss piece of jiu-jitsu knowledge!

-Alexandre is a relentless submission fighter, and his loop choke is one of the most nuanced and advanced attacks in his arsenal. See the finish behind one of the most viral submissions of the year as he connects the standard loop choke to a fireman’s carry, and finishes his opponent in style. Learn how to create the reactions and set the traps from your guard, then finish the choke no matter where they go.

-All too often, when you attack a loop choke, the head can slip out, or they roll and escape. All that work for nothing! Alexandre changes things up with a simple grip adjustment and then using his elbow and shoulder to limit the space and hide the head, closing the loop. Once that loop has been closed, he is free to attack the choke without any fear of losing the submission.

Reverse Half Guard Pass by Alexandre Vieira

-How does Alexandre manage to tap out so many black belts after he’s already gotten his guard passed? He’s baiting the guard pass to strengthen the choke. Like magic, watch as you set your grip, give the pass, and wind up with your opponent tapping. Prevent any escape by hooking through the leg, keeping their hips close and tight to you as you constrict. For most loop chokes, the angle would be too loose to be a serious choke from side control, but not with this simple adjustment to your shoulder and elbow.

-Learn one of the most viral submissions of 2017 as Alexandre Vieira takes you step-by-step through his incredible loop choke from a kata garuma against Tomoshige Sera! Vieira will show you the key shoulder posture and head positioning needed to hip escape into position, and the elbow position needed to finish them off. From viral to instuctional, this one is can’t miss!

-Hitting the loop choke from top is tough, because you are committing both hands to the choke and leaving yourself open for sweeps. We’re going to show you how to change that. With Vieira’s signature way of looping his choke, control the position with one arm, set the choke with the other, and let gravity and pressure do the rest! Open up your submissions from top with this handy adjustment.

Pull Them Into Your World

Take every position and leave no doubt, as you learn how to attack like Alexandre Vieira. Force people into your game, as you take a modern and updated approach to a classic control, and improve your gi chokes dramatically with these tips and techniques. We’ve taken one of the most dynamic and creative jiu-jitsu styles in the world and recorded it across a 3-video set that is guaranteed to level up your ground game. What are you waiting for?

So What Exactly Is On This Set?

Volume 1:


Traditional Crucifix

Alexandre Crucifix Style

Crucifix From Back With Hooks

Crucifix Against High Crotch Single

Single Leg Counter

Top Slide Pass Crucifix

Lapel Drag

Side Control Take

Deep Half Counter

Double Leg Counter Loop Choke Transition To Crucifix


Volume 2:

Loop Chokes

Traditional Loop Choke

Traditional Loop Choke Cross Arm

Explanation Dissecting Traditional Loop Choke

Alexandre Personal Loop Choke Style

Loop Choke Closed Guard Traditional

Loop Choke Drill

Giving The Guard Pass To Get The Loop Choke

Loop Choke When Opponent Bear Hugs Legs

Loop Choke From Under Side Control

Loop Choke From Deep Half

Deep Half Loop Choke Sweep Variation

Take 3: Lying Down Firemans Carry

Fireman Carry Loop Choke When He Stands

Reaction To The Underhook: Troubleshooting Against Under Hook

Loop Choke From Top Split Guard

De La Riva Reaction

Volume 3:

Loop Chokes

Half Guard Pass

Knee Slice Passing

Reverse Half Guard Pass

Choke From Mount

Single Leg Defense

Double Leg Defense

Morote Seonage Fake To Loop Choke

Choking The Turtle Position

Choking From The Back

Jump Over Loop Choke

Loop Choke Counter

Wrist Lock

Lapel Drag

Double Unders Counter

Loop Choke Variation Double Unders

Over Under Counter

Reverse De La Riva Lapel

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