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Be Self-Sufficient: I don’t rely on anyone but myself for traffic. I don’t have to deal with affiliates

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Adwords Direct Response V3  Adwords Direct Response V3 Adwords Direct Response V3

Adwords Direct Response V3

Check it out: Adwords Direct Response V3

From: Dima Sorokine
RE: My Simple Formula for Generating Sales on Adwords

My simple formula? Website + Adwords Traffic = Sales. The main reason this formula works for me is because I’ve gotten very good at using Adwords traffic to generate Sales. Or more specifically, I’ve gotten good at making sure that the only people clicking on my Ads and visiting my Websites are already searching for what I’m selling. I’ve also gotten good at making sure the people who are NOT likely to buy my products stay far away from my Ads and Websites. In other words…

The ONLY Traffic I send to my Websites is “Buyer Traffic”
Consisting of People Already Looking to Buy My Products.

Because my traffic is so Targeted its extremely effective in getting Sales for my Websites – which allows me to be Self-Sufficient, without having to rely on Affiliates, SEO, JV’s and other unpredictable ways to sell my products. I’m in complete control of 100% of the traffic that comes to my website, which allows me to focus 100% of my energy on the part of my business that actually makes Money – generating more Sales.

Adwords allows You to:

Get instant Traffic with Real-Time Data: By instant I mean within 24 hours. With real time data showing you exactly how many people clicked on which Ad, using what keyword, the percentage of clicks vs impressions, how much those clicks are costing you and which ones have generated a sale. These standard features allow you to make smart adjustments to your campaigns (in real-time) based on factual traffic data, rather than wild guesses.

Be Self-Sufficient: I don’t rely on anyone but myself for traffic. I don’t have to deal with affiliates, hire experts, make partnerships or invest into SEO. I just log into my Adwords control panel and run my business without having to rely on others to send traffic to my sales pages…This is very important for websites in markets outside the IM niche, where there’s no built in affiliate networks (JV Zoo, WarriorForum, ClickBank etc.) or heavy hitter affiliates searching for hot products to promote…Its nice to have the largest advertising network on earth as your traffic provider.

Enjoy High Profit Margins: In most cases I spend $10 – $15 on Adwords traffic to generate a front-end sale for products priced in the $37 – $67 range ($0.07 – 0.20 cents per click and average over 1% conversion). Thats somewhere between a 60% and 75% profit margin on the front-end (compared to 50% commission for affiliates), the up-sells are all mine, 100% profit.

This is why I mostly rely on Adwords for my traffic: it’s less hassle than writing articles, recruiting affiliates or doing SEO. The traffic is also more predictable, reliable and more targeted. Best of all – I’m in complete control of it.

Why You Should Trust Me:

Over the past 10 years I’ve played around with and tested different Adwords settings, features, bidding strategies, landing pages, keyword types etc. But that core, fundamental 20% of Adwords Strategy that generates the 80% Profit has stayed the same: Avoid low quality clicks, focus on Clicks likely to generate Sales.

The basic Adwords strategy I teach is what has been working for me for over 10 years, and has been working for my Clients as well. Over the last 2 years I’ve been offering my Keyword Research expertise as a service, which I charge $147- $247 (depending on website) for…

I’ve Done Keyword Research & Ad Copy for Over 100 Websites:

I’ve done Keyword Research for Websites Selling:

Cosmetic Surgery
Safety Wear
Sports Apparel
Designer Jewellery
Marketing Software
Video Games
Home Extensions
Auto Parts
Cosmetic Surgery
Legal Advice
Marketing Courses
Graphic Design
Fitness info
iPhone Manuals
Video Editing
Photography Services

^ As a you can see this is a very wide variety of different Products, Services and Niche Markets. When doing Keyword Research for clients I use the exact same approach I use for my own websites. So my Adwords strategy doesn’t just work for my own websites, it works for: websites selling eBooks, software, law advice, real-estate agents, pet daycares, auto parts suppliers, photography services and everything in between!

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