Adrian Morrison – TeeAdvantage

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They set aside your share of each sale so you can collect it any time you want.


Adrian Morrison - TeeAdvantage  Adrian Morrison – TeeAdvantage Adrian Morrison TeeAdvantage

Adrian Morrison – TeeAdvantage

Check it out: Adrian Morrison – TeeAdvantage

I Bet Using My Software YOU Can Create Profitable
T-Shirt Campaigns Immediately Even If You’ve Failed Before…

Hi, My name is Adrian Morrison and basically all you need to know about me is I LIVE for Facebook marketing. I’ve been doing this for over 10 years now, and have even written a couple of books (which you might have seen on national television) on how to properly and effectively make money on Facebook. My goal with releasing my private software here is to help YOU

Now I will be honest with you right now.

I thought selling T-shirts was pretty ridiculous.. when I first heard about this I was doing over $1,000,000.00 a year with a completely different offer on Facebook….

…. so why did I stop doing what was making me a million dollars to promote T-shirts?

A buddy of mine said something that totally changed the way I saw this…

“Adrian, EVERYONE buys T-shirts and other apparel.” and then he followed it up by saying… “And who do you know that owns just 1 shirt? or 1 hoodie?”


I realized why this whole T-shirt thing was blowing up and naturally I wanted in on it…. and fast.

Especially after some quick research on Google revealed that people buy over 2 billion t-shirts each year. Because people are already buying billions of t-shirts, it’s not like you have to invent something new and then figure out how to convince people to buy it. Which is, of course, why most people fail when they try to sell something online.

But with t-shirts, you don’t have that problem. You’re like 90% of the way to making sales simply by tapping into this multi-billion dollar market of already trained repeat buyers.

Because you don’t have to do any of the normal hard parts that you’d be doing to make your own product…

  • You don’t have to make the shirt
  • You don’t have to ship the shirt
  • You don’t have to process orders
  • You don’t need to make a website or sales video
  • You don’t do customer service

The t-shirt supplier does all of that for you. They will process the orders, make and ship the shirts anywhere in the world, show your shirts on their website, and handle any customer service.

They set aside your share of each sale so you can collect it any time you want.

Here’s how easy it is to get paid from them…
( Watch Me Make $12,982.69 )

Once I saw how other guys were selling t-shirts, I tried their methods, but I kept running into too much competition with other people focused on the same small niches. Or it seemed like they were just trying to jump on some short term fad that only lasted for a couple of days.

Since I wanted to hit massive numbers with campaigns that would last for months or years, I decided to take a different approach.

So I created a software to give me a “Viral Advantage” on Facebook….

I was selling T-shirts in a way that NOBODY else (that I knew of) was doing it…


Yea … You could say I was HOOKED on selling T-shirts at this point & over the last year I have perfected and tested my system.

Here are some great things about this “Viral Advantage” software…

  • Nobody else (that I know of) is using it right now…
  • It’s a totally FREE way to generate sales… (yeah no FB Ads…)
  • It’s an INSANELY VIRAL way to get incredible results

I have fan pages with over 85,000 fans (and they are all talking about the T-shirts they bought from me!)

I can easily reach over 5,000,000 targeted buyers (and you can see I got over 260k clicks!) with just one of my fan pages…

By the way – I didn’t spend a dime to get those 85,000 fans, they’re just a bonus “spinoff” from my unique method.

But just because I didn’t spend money to get those fans, doesn’t mean they’re not worth a lot of money to me. They buy t-shirts like crazy so any time I have a new shirt, I just post up the info to my fan page and start making sales in just a few minutes!

Plus, I’ve built an incredibly responsive email list – again – for free. If you’ve been around internet marketing for any length of time, you’ve probably heard repeatedly that the “Money is in the list.”

It’s true. I make money every time I notify my list about a new shirt or any other related offer I have. I’ve made thousands and thousands of extra dollars from this email list.

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